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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 4 E 10 Identity Crisis

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The Control Voice: Since our earliest beginnings, we have always believed in some form of transcendence. But when we finally discover how to transcend our own biological bodies, what exactly will we gain... and what will we leave behind?

A soldier volunteers to have his mind implanted in a robot, but things go wrong.

The Control Voice: A great philosopher once said, "The endeavor to persist in its own being is the essence of the individual thing." But when the day comes that the mind and body can be separated... what will happen to the soul?

Identity Tropes:

  • Attending Your Own Funeral: In the final scene, Captain Cotter McCoy attends his own funeral in the body of Colonel Pete Butler.
  • Brain Uploading: The US military is able to temporarily transfer the mind of a soldier named Captain Cotter McCoy into an indestructible android body. Their long-term goal is to use hundreds, if not thousands, of these androids with human minds on the battlefield. Two other unspecified countries are conducting similar experiments.

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