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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 2 E 4 I Hear You Calling

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The Control Voice: The search for truth is a noble venture. But what happens when that search becomes so obsessive that we no longer find truth but instead... create it?

A reporter goes on the trail of a mysterious man who is zapping random people with a ray and seemingly reducing them to ash.

The Control Voice: Nothing happens by chance. Life has a design all its own. For one person's sacrifice can be another's... salvation.

I Hear Tropes Calling:

  • Good All Along: The man with the ray gun and his faction.
  • Professional Killer: Subverted. Carter Jones believes that the strange man who has been causing people to disappear, leaving only a pile of purple ash in their wake, is an alien hitman. He explains to Carter that, like her, these people have contracted a disease which is fatal to humans and that he in fact teleported them to his planet, a veritable paradise where the disease is harmless. The purple ash is a byproduct of the teleportion process.

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