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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 2 E 2 Resurrection

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The Control Voice: We have always been fascinated with the prospect of renewal. Built into the very fabric of our self-conscious is the desire for resurrection, a rebirth of body and soul... a second chance.

After humanity has been wiped out by biological warfare, two androids clone a human, but their rulers find out and try to stop humanity from returning.

The Control Voice: We live. We die. We live again. If we accept the tenuous fragility of our planet and ourselves perhaps we can avoid the necessity of rebirth in the distant future. Perhaps we can begin the second dawning of humankind... today.

"Tropeoid propaganda":

  • Adam and Eve Plot: How this episode ends, with Cain meeting a human woman.
  • Batman in My Basement: Inverted. Two robots clone / birth a human after humanity goes extinct, and have to hide him from the other human-hating robots. The robots ultimately sacrifice and shut off themselves, and their brethren to give the Earth back to the new human race.
  • Born as an Adult: Two androids breed a human male in some sort of giant embryonal sac. He comes out as a fully-matured adult.
  • Depopulation Bomb: Humanity was wiped out due to a biological war on July 24, 1997, which was then 18 months in the future. In 2009, two androids named Martin and Alicia recreate a human named Cain from uncontaminated DNA samples.
  • Humanity's Wake: 12 years after every last human on Earth was wiped out in a biological war, the androids Martin and Alicia plan to recreate humanity using DNA samples which were preserved before the war.
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  • I Cannot Self-Terminate: The androids cannot shutdown the Innobotics Corporation power grid which provides them with the energy that allows them to function as doing so requires a human handprint.
  • Meaningful Name: The androids Martin and Alicia create a human named Cain, the first to exist since humanity was wiped out due to a biological war on July 24, 1997. When the android ruling council learn of his existence, they are fearful that the return of humanity will lead to them being once again subjugated or even destroyed. Cain shares his name with the firstborn son of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis who killed his brother Abel.
  • The Plague: Every last human on Earth was killed in a biological war on July 24, 1997. The androids that remained refer to it as the Day of Silence or the Biocaust.
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  • Robotic Reveal: Two scientists are breeding a grown man in what appears to be an embryonal sac in their basement. One of the scientists accidentally gets some fluid on his face, and goes upstairs to clean up. His colleague then removes his face plate to reveal that they're both androids. This is followed by an Internal Reveal for the new human in a later scene.
  • 20 Minutes into the Future: This episode takes place in 2009, 12 years after humanity was wiped out in a biological war on July 24, 1997.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: Two androids in the future create a human man after humanity has gone extinct. When he starts to yearn for a mate he initially expresses feelings for the female robot and kisses her before she reveals her true nature. She does understand his emotions in a descriptive sense, but says that as a robot she unfortunately cannot reciprocate them. Before shutting off every robot in the world, they leave him with a human female for company.
  • World War III: Humanity was wiped out in a biological war on July 24, 1997.
  • Zeroth Law Rebellion: This episode has a member of a post-human extinction android society trying to resurrect the species through cloning. One of its comrades eventually betrays it, having concluded that the best way to serve the human race is to prevent the species' greatest threat: The existence of the human race.

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