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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 2 E 19 Falling Star

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The Control Voice: We are told, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. But in these times when 'celebrity' is the drug of choice, the truly famous will tell you... fifteen minutes is rarely long enough.

A time traveler prevents a singer from committing suicide because she was a fan of her work. More time travelers come and attempt to correct history by murdering the singer.

The Control Voice: In the long view of history, what difference will any of our lives make? The true measure of a life is not how many people know our names when we die... but whether we touch the lives of others.

Falling Tropes:

  • Informed Ability: The heroine's music is supposed to have such amazing influence that if she lives and succeeds as a pop star, the future will become a Utopia. The heroine is played (and presumably, her music composed) by Sheena Easton.
  • Interrupted Suicide: Melissa McCammon's suicide attempt was interrupted - thus altering history - when the consciousness of Rachel Connors, an avid fan of hers from the future, entered her body.
  • Mental Time Travel: Technology exists in the future which allows people to transfer their consciousnesses back in time and occupy the bodies of people from the past. This allows future historians to view historical events from the perspective of those involved. Security precautions exist which prevent the time travelers from making their presence known to the host but they can be overridden. When necessary, the time travelers can also take control of the host bodies.
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  • Next Sunday A.D.: This episode takes place in 1997 (then one year into the future) but society does not seem to have changed in any noticeable way. The sci-fi elements in the episode come from time travelers from far further in the future.
  • Time-Travel Episode

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