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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 2 E 17 Paradise

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Gerry and Helen "going into the light".

The Control Voice: It is said that through our children we obtain a kind of immortality. An unending chain of life in which mother and child are forever linked, carrying in turn the burden of humanity.

A doctor and a sheriff investigate when women from a retirement home go missing and young women grow old and die.

The Control Voice: The love of man and woman, the love of a mother and child. It is only from these places...that miracles can be born.

"I'm going into the tropes":

  • Bizarre Alien Reproduction: A dying alien woman who was the Last of Her Kind arrived on Earth in 1946 and met four young women. With their consent, she implanted an egg in each of their bodies so that her species would have a chance to survive. The eggs took 50 years to mature. The alien left a special light which, 50 years later, made the four women young again but only long enough to conceive. Three of them had sex with strangers in the attempt. Not only were they unable to conceive but they rapidly aged to death. Their bodies decomposed just as quickly. On the other hand, Helen is successful in conceiving a baby with Gerry, her late husband Charles' brother, as she had always been in love with him and vice versa. Within about an hour, Helen is heavily pregnant and about to give birth. The resulting child appears to be a human girl, which Helen's daughter Dr. Christina Markham and her husband Grady intend to raise as their own since they can't have children. Helen returns to her true age but her Alzheimer's has been cured as a gift from the alien.
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  • The Power of Love: Four women volunteered to be surrogate mothers for a dying alien. Only one succeeds, because she was in love with the man she had sex with in order to get the sperm.
  • Sibling Triangle: Gerry has been in love with his late brother Charles' wife Helen since the moment that he met her about 45 years earlier. After they both become young again due to an alien light, Helen tells him that she knew all along and confesses that she had always loved him too.