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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 1 E 22 The Voice Of Reason

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The Control Voice: What is our last line of defense? Is it the military, with all of their power and might? Or is it the courage of a solitary man?

A man appears before a committee at the Pentagon to try to convince them that there's an alien threat.

The Control Voice: Sleep soundly in the knowledge that the dawn will come. Rest assured that our leaders are watching over us. But beware. For it is only their vigilance that stands between our restful slumber... and the end of the world.

The Tropes of Reason:

  • Always a Bigger Fish: At the end the aliens discuss whether any of the other species Strong found, like the Sandkings, could be threats to them.
  • Ambiguously Evil: General Callahan whose status as an alien or human is a bit vague., as he doesn't stay and talk with the two alien committee members, but they seem encouraged by the idea of him replacing Thornwell (although maybe just due to thinking he's malleable).
  • Bait-and-Switch Tyrant: Thornwell is an unsmiling man whose constantly poking at Strong's theories, but only in order to test them and give them weight, actually being convinced of the truth.
  • Clip Show: Made up largely of scenes form previous episodes.
  • Cruel Twist Ending: Randall Strong is unable to persuade the committee that the threat of alien invasion of Earth is imminent as the committee votes in favor to disregard his claims. He realizes that Thornwell, one of the most vocal opponents to Strong, may in fact be an alien (the same kind of Senator Richard Adams from the previous episode wanting to terraform Earth); as a result he shoots him dead. Unfortunately, it turns out that of the five members of the committee, Thornwell was one of two that secretly supported him and voted for his investigations to be taken seriously. It is revealed that two of the newest members of the committee are in fact aliens who belong to the same kind as Adams and are elated to what has just transpired with Adams' superior from the last episode to become the new head of the committee replacing Thornwell.
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  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Committee member Perry, who also believes Strong, and is horrified by Thornwell's death.
  • Properly Paranoid: Strong is absolutely right that the committee has been infiltrated, he's just wrong about who is an alien.

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