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Recap / The Outer Limits (1963)

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A list of the episodes of The Outer Limits (1963). Beware of unmarked SPOILERS.

Note: Most of these links are stubs. Full recaps are marked with *.

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     Season 1 
  1. The Galaxy Being*: A tinkering engineer makes contact with an alien from the Andromeda galaxy — which is then accidentally brought to Earth.
  2. The Hundred Days of the Dragon*: An Asian dictatorship uses a drug that makes facial features malleable on one of their agents, who then kills and impersonates an American presidential candidate.
  3. The Architects of Fear*: A group of scientists plan to prevent nuclear war by giving the nations of the Earth a common enemy to unite against — one of their own, who volunteers to be physically transformed into a grotesque fake alien invader.
  4. The Man with the Power: An experiment gives a timid professor mental powers — which sometimes manifest as a deadly energy cloud that attacks his enemies without his knowledge.
  5. The Sixth Finger: A geneticist accelerates the evolutionary process, turning a Welsh coal miner into a super-intelligent man of the future.
  6. The Man Who Was Never Born: A mutant from 2148 goes back to 1963 to prevent the horrific future that produced him — and falls in love with the mother-to-be of the man responsible for the devastation.
  7. O.B.I.T.: An ultra-tech surveillance machine creates an atmosphere of paranoia at a research installation — just as intended by its creators, a hostile alien race who are exploiting human weaknesses.
  8. The Human Factor: An accident at a US military installation in Greenland causes a mind swap between a psychiatrist and his patient — a delusional, guilt-ridden major who wants to destroy the base.
  9. Corpus Earthling: A man with a metal plate in his head overhears telepathic conversations between two parasitic alien invaders that are posing as ordinary rocks — and come after him by possessing the people around him.
  10. Nightmare*: When war breaks out between Earth and the planet Ebon, a group of human soldiers is captured and tortured by the Ebonites — until the POWs discover the shocking truth behind the conflict.
  11. It Crawled Out of the Woodwork: A monstrous energy being is created at a research lab, whose head becomes obsessed with controlling the creature — no matter how many of his colleagues he has to victimize.
  12. The Borderland: A group of scientists create a huge machine to help them explore the fourth dimension, funded by a millionaire who hopes his dead son will be found there.
  13. Tourist Attraction: A prehistoric "lizard fish" is discovered in a South American autocracy, leading to a power struggle between the rich American who found it and the country's despotic ruler.
  14. The Zanti Misfits: The government of Zanti coerces Earth into hosting a penal colony for its criminals — a tense situation that devolves into war when a murderous bank robber and his girlfriend chance upon the landing site.
  15. The Mice: A convicted murderer volunteers for an "exchange program" between Earth and Chromo, then helps scientists uncover the real reason for the aliens' interest in our world.
  16. Controlled Experiment: An atypically comical episode in which two humanoid Martians use a time-controlling "temporal condenser" to study a custom unique to Earth — murder.
  17. Don't Open Till Doomsday: In 1929, an evil alien traps a newlywed groom in a timeless void as part of a mysterious scheme; by 1964, his bride has gone insane — as another pair of newlyweds soon discovers.
  18. ZZZZZ: A hive of bees, given advanced intelligence by an entomologist, want to take over the human world — so they turn their queen bee into a beautiful but amoral woman who plans to seduce the scientist and create a super race of hybrids.
  19. The Invisibles: Parasitic aliens possess both powerful leaders and social outcasts in their plot to secretly control humanity, with a brave but isolated intelligence agent the only thing standing in their way.
  20. The Bellero Shield: When a scientist accidentally captures an angelic alien that uses an impenetrable shield to travel the stars, his scheming wife kills the creature and passes the shield off as her husband's invention — a decision everyone comes to regret.
  21. The Children of Spider County: A brilliant but discontented youth discovers that he and several other geniuses were fathered by aliens from Eros, who hope the hybrids will save their dying planet.
  22. Specimen: Unknown: The crew of a space station discovers a new species of alien plant, which they then bring to Earth — before they realize that the plants emit poison gas.
  23. Second Chance: Amusement park customers board a space ride that turns out to be real — along with the alien who kidnapped them, who hopes to avert a cosmic disaster that endangers both his world and Earth.
  24. Moonstone: Moonbase personnel face a moral dilemma when they find a sphere containing plant-like aliens who are refugees from their tyrannical government.
  25. The Mutant: A human colonist on Annex-1 is turned into a mutated being with grotesquely enlarged eyes who can read minds, go without sleep — and kill with his fatal touch.
  26. The Guests: An idealistic drifter becomes trapped in a mansion whose residents have been imprisoned for decades by an alien who's studying the human race.
  27. Fun and Games*: Two humans are forced to fight two primitive aliens for the amusement of the citizens of Andera — who will destroy the losers' homeworld.
  28. The Special One: The father of a teenage genius discovers his son's tutor is an alien from the planet Xenon, whose government is recruiting child prodigies to help with their invasion plan.
  29. A Feasibility Study*: Suburbanites must make a terrible choice when their entire neighborhood is transported to the planet Luminos, whose diseased denizens want to determine if humanity would make a suitable slave race.
  30. Production and Decay of Strange Particles: When a dimensional hole is torn open inside a nuclear reactor, malevolent energy beings come through the portal, and only a cowardly scientist can stop them.
  31. The Chameleon: A deep cover agent is turned into an alien so he can infiltrate a crashed spaceship, but his transformation may be a little too perfect.
  32. The Forms of Things Unknown: Two desperate women kill the sinister playboy who's blackmailing them, then happen upon a naive inventor whose "time tilter" brings their victim back to life.

     Season 2 
  1. Soldier*: A soldier from the war-torn distant future, conditioned from birth only to kill, is time warped back to 1964, where a present-day family tries to civilize him — if his Enemy doesn't find him first.
  2. Cold Hands, Warm Heart: After the first astronaut to orbit Venus returns home, he begins to physically transform — a process somehow caused by an encounter with a Venusian that had been hidden within his memories.
  3. Behold Eck!: A being from a two-dimensional realm blunders into our world and causes unintentional havoc; only people wearing glasses made from meteoric quartz can see Eck, so a friendly optometrist tries to help him get home before misguided humans destroy him.
  4. Expanding Human: A researcher experiments with consciousness-expanding drugs that periodically turn him into a superbeing who wants to convert or destroy the rest of humanity.
  5. Demon With a Glass Hand: A mysterious hero with a talking computer hand flees from the future to 1964 to save humanity from the invading Kyben, and an ordinary woman becomes caught in the middle of their desperate battle.
  6. Cry of Silence: A married couple is trapped on an isolated farm by an alien intelligence which is controlling objects — and people — in its attempts to communicate.
  7. The Invisible Enemy: Astronauts exploring Mars are menaced by unseen monsters who turn out to be dragon-like "sand serpents".
  8. Wolf 359: A scientist creates a replica of an actual alien world in his lab, but he and his companions are threatened by the evil entity that controls the miniature planet.
  9. I, Robot: When the creator of mechanical man Adam Link is found dead, Adam is put on trial for the inventor's murder, with his grizzled but idealistic attorney working hard to overcome the prejudice against his client.
  10. The Inheritors (two-part episode): After four soldiers are wounded by bullets made from a meteorite, an alien intelligence starts directing their actions toward a mysterious project, while a government agent zealously pursues them.
  11. Keeper of the Purple Twilight: A frustrated inventor trades his emotions to an alien invader in exchange for the information he needs to complete a lethal superweapon, but the alien's new feelings might change his plans for conquest.
  12. The Duplicate Man: In 2025, a cynical scientist has himself illegally "duplicated" so his clone can hunt a bloodthirsty Megasoid he's unintentionally let loose on Earth — but the naive, innocent clone complicates the original's personal life.
  13. Counterweight: A group of potential colonists participates in a simulated voyage to the planet Antheon, unaware that an entity from that world is watching them.
  14. The Brain of Colonel Barham: An arrogant, terminally ill astronaut lets his brain be removed and connected to a computer that will control a flight to Mars — but the brain is more interested in turning the people around it into its mental slaves.
  15. The Premonition*: A test pilot and his wife, suddenly trapped in a world of frozen time, discover that tragic consequences await them and their daughter unless they figure out how to escape.
  16. The Probe: A group of plane crash survivors gradually realize they've been taken aboard a gigantic space probe, where they must avoid a monstrous, mutated microbe while trying to contact the aliens who have unwittingly captured them.


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