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Recap / The Office USS 9 E 22 AARM

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Jim convinces Dwight that he needs to choose someone to act as an Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager; the two subsequently hold tryouts for the position.

After her daycare turns away her child, Angela is forced to bring her kid to work.

Andy auditions for "The Next Great A Capella Sensation".


  • Bookend: The episode ends with the entire office crew at Poor Richard's Pub watching as the documentary they'd been filmed for for over nine years finally starts on TV, with the first scene being the first scene that we saw all the way back in "Pilot".
    Michael: All right Jim. Your quarterlies look very good. How are things at the library?
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  • Didn't Think This Through: Darryl sneaks back into the office after having quietly left for his new job in Philadelphia in order to return a delivery truck. He ends up stumbling into the entire office crew when they're all in the warehouse.
  • Falling-in-Love Montage: When Pam expresses her doubt about her not being enough for Jim, he asks the documentary crew to help him by preparing a DVD showing their lives throughout the show and how they fell in love with each other.
  • Internal Reveal: Jim finally shows Pam the card that he had wrote for her but never gave in "Christmas Party". Literally an internal reveal in this case, because we still don't find out what it says.
  • Love Confession: Dwight confesses to Angela that he loves her, even if her son isn't his, and proposes. Angela says yes, and then reveals that she lied about Phillip not being his son because she wanted Dwight to marry her for her.
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  • Nothing Is the Same Anymore: Stanley remarks that this will be the case as the documentary finally gets ready to air.
  • Reality Ensues: Andy waits for several hours in a long line to audition on The Next Great A Capella Sensation, only for the producer to close the line because there's no room for any more auditions. Andy storms his way into the audition room anyway, but the judges refuse to grant him one. His humiliating tantrum over the ordeal makes it on air as a blooper and goes viral.
  • The Reveal: Phillip truly is Dwight's son.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Everyone admonishes Darryl for having left without saying goodbye.

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