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Recap / The Office USS 8 E 6 Doomsday

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After Robert California confronts Andy about the frequent mishaps in the office, Andy tasks Dwight to figure something out. However he regrets it when Dwight’s solution is an accountability booster that will forward incriminating emails to Robert if they make five mistakes in a day. The staff protests, calling it a doomsday device, but Dwight refuses to budge. The office ends up making five mistakes when the day is only half over and Dwight goes home so the device can’t be shut off. A handful of the staff travel to Schrute Farms to try and reason with Dwight while Jim hangs out with Robert to distract him as backup.



  • Batman Gambit: Pam decides to not bug Dwight about turning off the device, assuming that he'll do it on his own without being prompted. She ends up being right.
  • Idiot Ball: Oscar is supposed to be one of the most rational people in the office and knows what Dwight is capable of, yet he doesn't believe in the doomsday device. He purposely makes a mistake to test the device, refuses to use a calculator for his work due to the stakes, and ends up being the one to make the fifth and final mistake.
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Andy believes Pam can persuade Dwight because of this.


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