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Recap / The Office USS 8 E 19 Get The Girl

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Pam: I think you're a witch.
Nellie: I think you're amazing.

Andy travels to Florida to get Erin to go back to Scranton. Meanwhile, in Scranton, Nellie shows up and takes the role of manager with a silent coup, offering raises and making her presence known. Jim and Pam seem to be the only ones to realize that this is wrong.


  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: When Nellie compares herself to Tinkerbell, she claims she needs people to believe in her for her to exist, in this case, to take the manager job. The staff starts clapping to her.
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  • Only Sane Man: Jim and Pam are the only ones surprised at the situation they find themselves in, seeing as Nellie had just tanked another idea of the company. After Pam is won over, only Jim is against giving Nellie the job.
  • Race for Your Love: Erin changes her mind and races to get to Andy's car before he goes. She even gets to the wrong car before.
  • The Social Expert: Nellie is capable of turning a whole office of suspicious people to her side, offering praises and raises to everyone (plus a nap for Pam) and saying exactly what they want to hear. At the end of the episode, she takes over the job she admits to be ill-suited for purely by the fact that everyone wants her there, even Robert.
  • Shout-Out: Nellie compares herself to Peter Pan's Tinkerbell.

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