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Recap / The Office USS 6 E 13 Secret Santa

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Tensions flare when both Michael and Phyllis come to the office as Santa Claus.

  • Big "YES!": The office cheers when they find out that they are actually keeping their jobs.
  • Cannot Keep a Secret: David Wallace tells Michael that the company has been sold, with the obvious implication that this news is not supposed to be public yet. Michael, once again, is unable to keep it secret for more than ten minutes.
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  • Corpsing: Most of the actors in the scene where Kevin sits on Michael('s lap).
  • Didn't Think This Through:
    • Andy's Secret Santa gift to Erin is the Twelve Days of Christmas, and the thirty birds of the song wreck havoc with her.
    • Michael beckons Kevin to sit on his lap.
  • In-Series Nickname: Madge is known as Garfield because she can eat a whole pan of lasagna.
  • Wham Line: Michael calls David Wallace to complain about Phyllis, only to learn that the company has been sold.

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