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Recap / The Office USS 5 E 19 Golden Ticket

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Michael's "Golden Ticket" Promotion backfires when all five tickets get sent to the same client.

  • Didn't Think This Through: Michael did not specify "limit one per customer" on the tickets, thereby granting Blue Cross a 50% discount for a year.
  • Friendship Moment: Jim surprises everyone by backing Dwight in front of David as the person who thought of the Golden Ticket scheme when Michael is trying to out him, then the entire rest of the office joins in. Considering Michael was willing to throw Dwight under the bus just moments before, it is pretty heartwarming for Dwight to receive such support from everyone.
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  • Never My Fault: The moment he realizes that his promotion is backfiring, Michael tries to shift the blame to someone else. Then, when David Wallace reveals that Blue Cross is going to make Dunder-Mifflin their sole paper provider, he tries to take back the credit.
  • Shout-Out: The plot is inspired by Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Michael even comes to the office dressed as Wonka.
    • Michael also burts into the staff lounge. Scolding to everybody that there is no movie simply called Willy Wonka. Pam Beesly then replies It's actually based on a book called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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