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Recap / The Office USS 2 E 1 The Dundies

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The second season premiere brings us the annual Dundie Awards, Michael's employee-incentive party. Corporate refuses to pay for their drinks, however, so no one really wants to be there.

Dwight investigates graffiti in the ladies' room.

Air date : September 20, 2005.


  • Innocently Insensitive: Michael is unaware of how racist his character Ping is. An Asian woman looks on in horror during the routine, and Michael takes no notice. He also seems unaware that his antics, in real life, would be taken as sexual harassment. He comments on Angela's "nice caboose" and slaps Ryan on the ass after awarding him the office hottie award.
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  • Nobody Poops: Kevin gets the "Don't Go In There" award, and a sub-plot involves the ladies' room.
  • Persona Non Grata: Pam gets banned from Chili's for sneaking drinks from other people. After careful review, the ban was finally lifted in 2017.
  • Product Placement: The Dundies take place at Chili's. Also an Early-Bird Cameo, as Michael and Jan will later have a meeting there.
  • Rapid-Fire Interrupting: Michael's phone argument with Jan when she reveals the company won't pay for the Dundies.
  • Running Gag: An in-universe example. Michael keeps awarding Pam the Longest Engagement Award. Jim tells him to stop, because it bothers Pam.
  • Shout-Out: Michael does an impression of Johnny Carson's Karnack character.
  • Slippery Slope Fallacy: Michael's argument that if a (hypothetical) employee doesn't receive a trophy, the neighbours will find his body a few weeks later.
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  • Your Mom: The Jerk Jock types at the bar "just came from your Mom's house," when Michael asks where they're from.

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