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Recap / The Nutshack

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The episode list for the notoriously bad cartoon The Nutshack, which focuses on the misadventures of two cousins in the ghetto of San Francisco.

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    Season 1 

  1. "Pilot": N/A.
  2. "Road Trippin'": N/A.
  3. "Pimp my Jeepney": N/A.
  4. "Got Surgery?": N/A.
  5. "Duck Karma": N/A.
  6. "Blind Dick": N/A.
  7. "420": N/A.
  8. "Blackapino": N/A.
  9. "TT Boy and Kid Utot": N/A.

    Season 2 

  1. "El Bombadero": N/A.
  2. "Fatherland'": N/A.
  3. "Slasher": N/A.
  4. "The Chode Warrior": N/A.
  5. "Bomb China (Part 1)": N/A.
  6. "Bomb China (Part 2)": N/A.
  7. "W.T.F": N/A.

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