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Recap / The Nostalgia Critic S 7 E 1

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Release: January 7, 2014

Film: Face/Off

Tagline: Let Nicolas Cage Month begin!

This review contains examples of:

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In-universe, NC thinks Eve knew full well Castor was in the form of her husband, but didn't report it cause he gave her one hell of a footrub.
  • Captain Obvious Aesop: Parodied in-universe in the shootout scene:
    Critic: If there's any message that this movie is trying to get across, it's "don't put kids in the middle of a violent shootout between FBI agents and terrorists for hire". I don't know how many movies we have to make before America gets that, but clearly we're not there yet.
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  • Disturbed Doves: Their relative absence in the movie from such scenes as Archer's first shootout with Castor, the jailbreak scene, and so on, becomes a Running Gag.
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: The fact that this is what is going to happen between Nicolas Cage and John Travolta has the Critic so ecstatic he needs to pause for a moment to relish it.
  • Overly Long Gag: Title Drop edition.
  • invokedSo Bad, It's Good: Like Commando, this is his ultimate opinion on the movie.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: The Critic considers the idea of playing music to keep Castor's son calm a lame attempt by the director to be artsy that wouldn't do anything in real life.
  • Take That!: When a helicopter joins in the chase on Castor Troy's aircraft:
    Man on loudspeaker: We will make you do Ghost Rider 3!
    Cage: Oh come on, guys! I pissed fire in the last one! Even I thought that was kind of stupid!

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