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Recap / The Nostalgia Critic S 4 E 33

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Release: September 6, 2011

Video Game: The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare (1992)

This Let's Play contains examples of...

  • Analogy Backfire:
    Critic: But anything else connected with The Simpsons is always gonna be fantastic! Well, except for that. And that one too. (Virtual Bart appears) Shut up!
  • An Aesop: When the Critic first dies during the Temple of Maggie stage:
    Critic: Okay, so the moral of the game is, uh, try to move and you die. That's, like... why even play the game?
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  • Atomic F-Bomb: The Let's Play footage ends on one, after the Critic loses on the second Bartzilla level:
  • Continuity Nod: The Critic brings up his Bebe's Kids and Blues Brothers video game reviews at the beginning.
  • Determinator: The Critic becomes determined to actually claim a piece of homework paper after a while of not getting one. He finally gets one after he attempts the Bartzilla level the second time.
  • Dissimile:
    Critic: As we all know, anything with the Simpsons' name has to be gold. That is, except for the show right now.
  • Foreshadowing: An unintentional example.
    • First, while playing the Bartman stage:
      Critic: Okay, I'm just gonna fire these things like mad. I'm not gonna take any chances. I don't care what the hell— If— I don't care if my mother comes in. I'm gonna keep firing her fucking face. This is a nightmare. Everything's trying to kill me. It's a very Freudian nightmare. I wouldn't doubt if my mother's trying to kill me.
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    • Later, when playing the second Bartzilla level:
      Critic: Oh, hey, my mom's gonna help me here, I think. (Marge knocks Bart down) GOD! (stammers) MY MOTHER IS TRYING TO ATTACK ME! This really is a Freudian dream! What the hell?!
  • Guilty Pleasures: The reason why he's doing a Let's Play instead of a video game review is because of this.
    Critic: But needless to say, people loved to see me get tortured by video games. Well, no more! I'm not doing any more video game reviews!
  • Jump Cut: When the Critic gets fed up with the wide gaps between finding a new homework paper in the street stage.
    Critic: Every time you start this game, they give you this sheet of paper right away. Then every single time you come back, like, you have try a little harder to get it. You know what? Fuck it. I don't care if it's a Let's Play, I'm gonna fast forward. I'm an editor. Watch! (skips to Bart finding a sheet of paper) Haha! Power to the fucking editor, huh?
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  • Macross Missile Massacre: The Critic gets bored of the Bartman stage due to having nothing but missiles towards the end of it.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: The Critic dubs Bart actually doing his homework as this.
    Critic: Okay, already, I know this is a work of fiction. You never see Bart doing his homework. (Bart falls asleep) Okay, that's more like it. That's more like the real Bart.
  • The Points Mean Nothing: When he gets a Game Over the first time:
    Critic: Okay, final score. (the score has not yet appeared) Your final score is nothing, 'cause you're a failure. (his score of "9380" appears) Oh, no, that's— What's that supposed to mean to me? It's just numbers. You don't get anything if you get a high score, so it's totally pointless. Why have a score? There's a score? I didn't know there was a score!
  • Rule of Three: This is the third episode he's done involving a video game. It doesn't end well for him.
    Crtitic: Fuck this noise, man! I'm going back to movie reviews next week! THIS IS BULLSHIT! I'M NEVER DOING ANOTHER GODDAMN GAME AGAIN! FUCK IT, FUCK IT, FUCK IT! BART'S NIGHTMARE, YOU ARE AN ANUS!
  • Sarcasm Mode: From time to time, such as whenever his "Pages Collected" screen shows no progress, and the Game Over screen.
    Critic: (sighs) Motherfuck, yes. Still got nothing, still got nothing. Thanks for the reminder, game! I blow, you're fantastic! You're wonderful, because you're presenting me with such fucking entertainment!! I'm just really, really goddamn enjoying this again. Fucking entertainment.
  • Shout-Out:
    • When Bart's dream begins, the Critic quips that he's entering The Twilight Zone.
    • Late into the Bartman stage, the Critic refers to Bart as Jack Skellington.
    • When Bart gets hit and spins while wearing the suit Skinner forced him to wear, the Critic comments, "There's spinning Tasmanian Devils for whatever reason every time I get hit, I guess."
  • Something Completely Different: Instead of a movie review, the episode is mostly gameplay footage with running commentary by the Critic, thus dependant on improvision.
  • Take That!:
    Critic: Okay, so, you ever seen The Matrix Revolutions where he's stuck in that subway stop and he can't get out? No, of course you didn't, because nobody saw it.
  • Tempting Fate: Lampshaded after one of Bart's deaths:
    Critic: Why is it every time I say, "Hey! I'm doing good!" something always has to kill me? Th-that's the rule of comedy. Comedy really fucking sucks.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: The very first thing the Critic says upon starting the game is, "I'll be running from this game too," upon seeing Bart running past the Aklaim Entertainment logo screaming.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: When playing the Itchy and Scratchy level and seeing the duo keep coming back after killing them:
    Critic: Okay, so I guess Itchy and Scratchy have, like, a million cousins.

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