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Although each 13 episode batch of episodes is considered a season in Netflix's systems, in-universe a Season of The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show consists of a 26 episode pair of seasons.

Season 1 (Season 1 Part 1)

  1. "The Perfect Show"/"Napoleon": It's the first episode and Peabody is determined to have it run perfectly./Peabody and Sherman visit Napoléon Bonaparte to help him invent his eponymous dessert.
  2. "Stuck"/"Mozart": The elevator malfunctions, trapping Peabody inside for the duration of the show./Peabody and Sherman visit Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to help him be discovered.
  3. "Sherman's Pet"/"Marco Polo": Wanting a pet, Sherman tries to convince Peabody to let him keep a woolly mammoth./Peabody and Sherman get Marco Polo to try Chinese noodles and invent Italian pasta.
  4. "Handcuffs for a Song"/"Wright Brothers": Christine handcuffs herself to Peabody, demanding to perform on-show/Peabody and Sherman visit The Wright Brothers to witness their historic first flight.
  5. "New Sponsor"/"Cleopatra": Sherman has the show sponsored by his favorite snack food./Peabody and Sherman help Cleopatra and Julius Caesar get together.
  6. "Black Hole"/"Winston Churchill": Sherman forgets to do his chores to keep the show running smoothly./Winston Churchill has run away from Parliament and its up to Peabody and Sherman to get him back.
  7. "Big Boy"/"Blackbeard": Sherman babysits the Yakamoras' baby./Peabody and Sherman visit the pirate Blackbeard and help him recover his iconic beard.
  8. "Biggest Fan"/"Queen Isabella": An energetic fan takes control of the show./Peabody and Sherman must help the naive Queen Isabella recover her money or else Christopher Columbus can't make his voyage to discover the new world.
  9. "Peabody's Parents"/"Galileo": Peabody's foster parents visit the show and embarrass him./Peabody and Sherman have to convince Galileo that the Earth revolves around the Sun.
  10. "Patch Games"/"Mark Twain": Peabody decides to help Sherman's scout troop earn their badges./Peabody and Sherman have to help Mark Twain recover his typewriter.
  11. "Favor for Christine"/"Lady Godiva": Christine borrows the show so she can impress her sister./Peabody and Sherman have to find a horse willing to let Lady Godiva ride them for her naked protest.
  12. "'Medieval Fest"/"John Sutter": The show is holding a Renaissance Faire, but Mr. Hobson accidentally dressed for a Sci-Fi Convention./Peabody and Sherman visit John Sutter to watch him discover gold and create California.
  13. "Outbreak"/"Ancient Greek Games": Time travel has brought an ancient disease to the set, leading to government quarantine./Peabody and Sherman visit ancient Olympia to witness the birth of the original Olympic Games.

Season 2 (Season 1 Part 2)

  1. "Show on the Road"/"Catherine the Great": Peabody accidentally teleports the show to the moon./Peabody and Sherman help Catherine the Great build the first roller coaster.
  2. "Scrambled Eggs"/"George Stephenson": Sherman and Boogaz have to take care of an egg for class./Peabody and Sherman go to ride on the very first train.
  3. "Big Top Peabody"/"Taj Mahal": A circus themed show hits a snag when Peabody breaks his glasses / Peabody and Sherman help put the finishing touches on the Taj Mahal.
  4. "World Records"/"Hotu Matu'a": Sherman tries to set a world record / Peabody and Sherman visit Easter Island to learn more abut the iconic Easter Island Statues.
  5. "Sherman From A to Zzzz"/"Akashi Shiganosuke": Sherman can't sleep because of a horror movie he watched./Peabody and Sherman have to convince the superstitious future sumo champion not to give up sumo wrestling.
  6. "Orchoptitron in Love"/"John Harrington": Peabody and Sherman help find Orchoptitron a new girlfriend./Queen Victoria gets flushed down the first toilet and it's up to Peabody, Sherman and John Harrington to save her.
  7. "Inside Hobson"/"Annie Oakley": A shrink ray accident leads Sherman being lost inside Hobson./ Peabody and Sherman help the famous sharpshooter recover her trick gun.
  8. "Peabody's Diet"/"Ponce de Leon": Peabody has become overweight preparing for the food themed episode, so Sherman puts him on a diet./Peabody and Sherman help Ponce de Leon search for the fountain of youth.
  9. "Secret Agent Sherman"/"Alexander Cartwright": Sherman wants to do a show about spies./Peabody and Sherman go to watch Alexander Cartwright demonstrate the first game of Baseball, but his poor sportsmanship leads to him constantly changing the rules.
  10. "Sherman Exchange Program"/"Charles Dickens": Sherman switches places with an ancient Chinese prince./Peabody and Sherman visit Charles Dickens to watch him write A Christmas Carol.
  11. "Ruff Guyz"/"George Crum": Peabody wants to reform his old band./Peabody and Sherman go to witness the birth of the potato chip.
  12. "I Knew That Was Gonna Happen"/"Sacagawea": Nostradamus abruptly makes a vague prophecy about the show./Lewis and Clark have gone missing and it's up to Peabody and Sherman to help Sacagawea reunite with them.
  13. "The Perfect Show Again"/"Aristophanes": For the first season finale, Peabody and Sherman are determined to get everything right for once./Peabody and Sherman travel to meet Aristophanes and witness the birth of comedy.

Season 3 (Season 2 Part 1)

  1. "The Wrath of Hughes": Mr. Peabody and Sherman start off their new season by explaining how they fixed the problem they caused in their season finale.
  2. "Jump the Whale Shark"/"Frédéric Bartholdi": Peabody attempts to host a show dedicated to marine biology, but Sherman and his friends turn it into a beach show./Peabody and Sherman try to help sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi stand up to his overbearing mother.
  3. "Pea Dummy"/"Mary Anning": Peabody is dismayed when Sherman scores a massive number on an IQ test, and he ends up scoring surprisingly low./Peabody and Sherman travel back to visit Mary Anning, the world's first female paleontologist, and a romance blossoms between her and Peabody.
  4. "Climate Control"/"Ziryab": Peabody and Sherman can't seem to agree on the right temperature for the penthouse./Peabody and Sherman visit Iberian designer, Ziryab, who is too distracted to design his fashions for a royal wedding.
  5. "Brain Switch"/"Koikawa Harumachi": Peabody and Sherman decide to swap brains so Sherman can see if being an adult is as much fun as he thinks it is./Peabody and Sherman visit the creator of the very first comic book, Koikawa Harumachi, who can't stop daydreaming and actually get to work.
  6. "Super Sherman"/"Ada Lovelace": When a meteor crash lands in the penthouse, Sherman touches it and ends up gaining superpowers./Peabody and Sherman visit math wiz Ada Lovelace to get her help in writing the code for the world's first computer.
  7. "Mouse Hunt"/"David Bushnell": Peabody tries to get rid of a mouse running loose in the penthouse./Peabody and Sherman travel to visit David Bushnell, creator of the world's first submarine, who is intent on finding a sea monster.
  8. "Sweet Little Lies"/"Allan Pinkerton": Peabody tries to teach Sherman that honesty is the best policy./Peabody and Sherman help pioneering private eye Allan Pinkerton search for stolen diamonds.
  9. "Tree House"/"Queen Hatshepsut": The penthouse is turned into a forest after a visit from Johnny Appleseed./Peabody and Sherman visit self absorbed Queen Hatshepsut, who has opened up the world's first zoo.
  10. "This Is Your Life?"/"Robert Edwin Peary": Hobson gets Peabody and Sherman aid to cross items off his bucket list./Peabody and Sherman drop in on explorer Robert Peary's historic trek to the North Pole, when it takes a detour to Santa Claus' workshop.
  11. "Telethon"/"Enrico Caruso": To both help out his school, and win a prize, Sherman hosts a telethon in the studio./Peabody steps in to prove the innocence of opera star Enrico Caruso.
  12. "Spooktacular"/"Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot": Peabody and Sherman host a Halloween show and end up turning into monsters./The inventor of the world's first automobile is also one of the world's worst drivers, and it's up to Peabody and Sherman to help teach him.
  13. "Return of the Guapos"/"Lucy Walker": The Guapo Brothers start a rival talk show that steals Peabody and Sherman's audience./Peabody and Sherman travel back to help Lucy Walker make history on the Matterhorn.

Season 4 (Season 2 Part 2)

  1. "Return of the Guapos Part 2": It's been six months since Mr. Peabody and Sherman lost both their show and their home, and the Guapos are willing to give their stuff back if they can catch some historical villains that have been set loose.
  2. "Return of the Guapos Part 3": Jesse James, Belle Starr and Genghis Khan are still on the loose and it's up to Mr. Peabody and Sherman to catch them and save their show.
  3. "Magic Hiccups"/"Gaius Maecenas": Peabody attempts to host a show about Colonial America without electricity, but Sherman swallowing Sweet Tune's magic flute has given him magical hiccups./A water shortage in Ancient Rome could spell disaster for the world's first heated pool.
  4. "Sherman's Tooth"/"Voyager Gold Record": Sherman has a loose tooth and is eager to get it to fall out./Peabody and Sherman go to watch the Voyager Space Probe launch, only to discover that someone has stolen the golden record.
  5. "Gone Comic Gone"/"Harry Houdini": Sherman has lost his comic book and he demands justice./Harry Houdini keeps trying to show off and failing, so it's up to Peabody and Sherman to teach him some restraint.
  6. "P-Bro"/"First Canine Police Force": Agamemmnon brings his frat brothers to the show, leaving Peabody obsessed with joining a fraternity to have the college experience he missed out on./Peabody and Sherman visit Peabody's great uncle, who was the first canine police officer in London.
  7. "Cheerleaders"/"Mansa Musa": Sherman has joined a cheer squad and will do anything to win the upcoming competition./Peabody and Sherman try to convince a wealthy African emperor to fund a school for his people.
  8. "Bring Your Kids to Work Day"/"Leif Erikson": Bring Your Kids to Work day is causing chaos in the studio./Leif Erikson is too soft-hearted to discover America.
  9. "Orchopti-NOT-ron"/"Mulan": Maria has to host the show when a teleporter accident traps Mr. Peabody and Sherman inside Orchoptitron./Christine has stowed away on the WABAC and her interference threatens to ruin Hua Mulan's destiny.
  10. "The Show's the Thing"/"Peter Cooper": Mr. Peabody desperately wants to play the role of Romeo in a production of Romeo and Juliet hosted by William Shakespeare himself./The mind-numbingly boring inventor of gelatin has accidentally brought his invention to life.
  11. "Peabody's Delivery"/"Joe vs. The Peabody and Sherman": A much anticipated package has arrived for Peabody, and he has a hard time focusing on the show as a result./Peabody and Sherman go back in time to visit Joe Troplong, an average guy that inspired Peabody to create the WABAC.
  12. "Seen It"/"Edgar Allan Poe": A heckler in the audience complains that the show has become predictable and stale./Edgar Allan Poe is too cheerful to write his famous poem "The Raven", and it's up to Peabody and Sherman to find out why.
  13. "The Perfect Perfect Show Again Again"/"Abraham Lincoln": It's the latest episode of the Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show... of the season, and Mr. Peabody is celebrating history's famous lasts./Sherman tells a story about how Abraham Lincoln became president.


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