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Recap / The Nanny S 4 E 10 The Car Show

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Fran enters a driving competition in the hopes of winning a car for Maggie. Meanwhile, Maxwell and C.C. are set to attend a charity dinner at Barbra Streisand's house.

  • As Herself: Roslyn Kind and Tara Dawn Holland. Although Fran meets Barbra Streisand during this episode, the meeting occurs off-screen.
  • Beauty Contest: The driving competition is part of one:
    Fran: Miss Trans-Am contest? Oh, honey, I am not letting you enter some contest where you parade around in some skimpy outfits so a bunch of men could stare at you like you're a piece of meat. No, ma'am!
    Maggie: Not me, you.
    Fran: Oh, how sweet!
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  • Enemy to All Living Things: C.C. was able to tell, over the car phone, that Fran had hit a rabbit while driving by recognizing the noise. To repeat: She was able, over the phone, to identify what Fran hit, down to the species, merely by the sound it made when it was hit by a car.
  • Face Your Fears: At the end of the episode, Fran must overcome her fear of driving again in order to get to Barbra's house. An Invoked Trope, since Maxwell pretended he was too sick to continue driving.
  • Just Friends:
    Brighton: Well, I really like this girl, Julie, but she just wants to be friends. How am I gonna get her to make a deeper commitment?
    Fran: You're asking me?
  • Lucky Rabbit's Foot: After getting distraught about running over a rabbit, Fran makes animal rights her platform at the Miss Trans-Am contest, only to discover that the car she's expected to drive is decorated with a rabbit's foot.
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  • Negative Continuity: Later episodes ignore the fact that, in this episode, Fran achieved her dream of meeting Barbra Streisand.
  • Sticky Fingers: Let's just say that Fran takes home some souvenirs from Barbra's house.

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