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Recap / The Muppets

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This is a recap of all sixteen episodes of The Muppets.

  1. "Pig Girls Don't Cry"
  2. "Hostile Makeover"
  3. "Bear Left Then Bear Write"
  4. "Pig Out"
  5. "Walk the Swine"
  6. "The Ex-Factor"
  7. "Pig's in a Blackout"
  8. "Too Hot to Handler"
  9. "Going, Going, Gonzo"
  10. "Single All the Way"
  11. "Swine Song"
  12. "A Tail of Two Piggies"
  13. "Got Silk?"
  14. "Little Green Lie"
  15. "Generally Inhospitable"
  16. "Because... Love"

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