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Recap / The Muppet Show S 1 E 13

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Bruce Forsyth guest stars, while Fozzie tries to figure out how to deal with his hecklers, Statler and Waldorf.

Songs and Sketches

  • "In a Little Spanish Town"
  • "All I Need Is The Girl"
  • At The Dance
  • UK Spot: "I'm My Own Grandpa"
  • "Trees"
  • Fozzie's Comedy Act: "Side By Side"
  • Veterinarian's Hospital: Duck!
  • "Let There Be Love"

This episode has examples of

  • Brick Joke: Near the start of the episode, a duck approaches Kermit and excitedly tells him that she finally has the punchline to her act down, the punchline being "Quack!" This act turns out to be Veterinarian's Hospital, the punchline being in response to Rowlf asking her what kind of doctor she thinks he is.
  • The Dog Bites Back: With Bruce's help, Fozzie is able to turn the geezers' heckling back at them.
  • Duck!: In the Veterinarian's Hospital sketch, Rowlf keeps thinking the duck is a chicken. Whenever Rowlf calls her a chicken, she yells, "Duck!" This leads to Rowlf, Janice, and Piggy repeatedly ducking down, thinking something is going to fall. Finally, something does fall: a lamp, which lands on Rowlf's head.
  • I Am Not Weasel: Rowlf keeps calling the duck a chicken.
  • Lame Comeback: Fozzie's first attempts at trying to deal with the heckling weren't too great.
  • Shout-Out: When giant birds invade one of Bruce's numbers, Bruce starts calling out for "Mr. Hitchcock!"
  • Won't Get Fooled Again: Subverted. The duck yells, "Duck!" twice, and then Miss Piggy yells it. Rowlf says he's not falling for that again, then immediately gets hit with a falling lamp.

Statler: This show brought a tear to my eye.
Waldorf: Really?
Statler: Yeah. I'm sitting on a tack.