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Recap / The Master Of Deaths Plan 2

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Continuing from last time, Gig, uninterested with the recent events at this point besides focusing on Reptile, finds Vlad Taltos in the house of Food. There, Gig tells the chef his plan of cooking dismembered human food for Reptile to eat. Noting this to be a surprisingly generous thing, Vlad joins the plan and Gig takes his leave. After Gig departs from the house of Food, he bumps into Rei, another of the Nanto Shin Ken users.


The two go into Gig's room and The Master of Death explains his plan, which Rei accepts as long as Shin doesn't get in the way. As Rei departs the room, he, despite noticing how generous of an act Gig is doing, is in actuality putting the plan to join Gig's plan on hold after hearing Cosmos announcing a soup that taste like humans without killing humans.

This chapter includes examples Of:

  • Pet the Dog: Rei notes how Gig is being unusually helpful towards Reptile. Perhaps Gig has a Hidden Heart of Gold?
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Downplayed. Rei is perfectly fine with working along Gig's plan, but he hears that Cosmos has provided a soup that tastes like humans.

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