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Recap / The Magicians 2016 S 01 E 10

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Season 1, Episode 10


Penny has been trapped in the Neitherlands, the space between worlds. He contacts Quentin and discovers that while it's only been six hours for him, it's been six weeks back on Earth. To help Penny, Alice and Quentin travel to her parents' house to ask for help from a family friend, who is also a Traveler. Penny meets a librarian in the Neitherlands who gives him information about how to fight the Beast. Quentin and Alice must resolve relationship issues to be able to cast a beacon spell which will help Penny finds his way back to Earth. Eliot and Margo discover that an ex-boyfriend of hers had constructed a living golem in her image. Julia hosts other magicians who she knows through Richard, including Kady. Julia and Kady together learn some spells before joining their friends on a project, and then Richard explains to them that they are trying to summon a god to provide them with enough magical power to rewrite the past.


Tropes Present In This Episode: