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Recap / The Magicians 2016 S 01 E 09

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Season 1, Episode 9

The Writing Room

Quentin discovers that Penny destroyed the manuscript given to him by Eliza in the first episode. Penny says that it was a Fillory book written by Jane Chatwin instead of Christopher Plover, in which Jane wanted to clarify Plover's mistakes. Quentin, Penny, Alice, and Eliot travel to the Plover estate to search for the button which, according to Jane in the book, is the key to the door to Fillory. They discover that the mansion is haunted by the ghosts of Plover's housekeeper's children, whose Plover's sister had drugged and killed to prevent them from disturbing Plover's work. Quentin discovers that Plover was learning magic and was molesting Martin Chatwin. Plover disappeared, rather than dying, leading Quentin to believe that he is the Beast. The four of them find the button with the children's corpses. Meanwhile, Julia helps Richard by entering the mind of a paralyzed mute woman.


Tropes Present In This Episode

  • Our Ghosts Are Different: We see two types of ghosts in this episode: Trapped souls (Plover's sister and the housekeeper's children), and memories that the souls carry with them. The souls are intelligent and aware and can talk to the living, but the memories are just scenery, mechanically playing out the past. Either way, there is no known way to exorcise ghosts that have been established, only keep them from being established in the first place.