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Recap / The Magicians 2016 S 01 E 07

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Season 1, Episode 7

The Mayakovsky Circumstance

While in the form of geese, Quentin and his peers fly to Brakebills South Antarctica to study with Professor Mayakovsky, who puts them through several challenges. Eliot and Margo prepare to travel to Ibiza, and with the help of newly-met Todd and Mike, summon a Djinn as a gift for the organizers of the party. When Eliot starts sleeping with Mike, he chooses to stay behind and Todd goes with Margo. Julia's sister picks her up from the police station following the death of Kady's mother, and insists on helping Julia to avoid telling their mother what happened. Mayakovsky engineers Alice and Quentin into a relationship. He also tells Kady that her mother died and she is no longer welcome at Brakebills, encouraging her to immediately leave and not to go back to the main school, lest they take her memories of her time at the school.


Tropes Present In This Episode:

  • Literal Genie: Margo wishes that Mike would "go back to where we found him and suck on some other knob." They find him in the library, sucking on a doorknob. Unlike most examples of this trope, Margo finds it hilarious.