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Recap / The Magicians 2016 S 01 E 05

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Season 1, Episode 5

Mendings, Major And Minor

Quentin visits home after finding out that his father has been diagnosed with brain cancer. He struggles with accepting that magic cannot save his father, and eventually opens up to his father about magic. After being cut off by Marina, Julia tries to find other hedge witch safe houses in New York with the help of Pete, but nobody else has nearly as many spells. Marina erases James' memory of Julia to prevent her from telling him about magic. Alice returns to Brakebills and Eliot and Margo try to use her connections to get a mentor. Penny practices astral projection and discovers a woman, Victoria, chained in a dungeon by the Beast. Based on the crest on the doors, Quentin surmises that Penny traveled to Fillory.


Tropes Present In This Episode:

  • Body Horror: The enchantment that keeps Cancer Puppy young forever doesn't stop him from being riddled with every disease it's possible for him to get.
  • Cure for Cancer: Discussed. Magical healing is difficult, as any major injury or illness is a part of the soul, making it very difficult to fix without twisting the soul beyond repair. This is why Dean Fogg chose to have his hands fixed instead of his eyes, and why Quentin can't cure his father's cancer.