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Recap / The Magic School Bus S 2 E 11 Out Of This World

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The Magic School Bus Out of This World

Original airdate: November 18th, 1995
Subject: Space Rocks
Focus Student(s): Dorothy Ann

While the class has been studying planetary orbits, DA has been charting an asteroid over a week. She runs to school in a hurry when she realizes that the asteroid is going to hit their school! The class goes into outer space to do three things to the asteroid, in Wanda's words: "Find it, follow it, and finish it off."


  • 2-D Space: Locations in space are tracked on a two-dimensional grid.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: Yes, When Worlds Collide is a real science-fiction movie.
  • Badass in Distress: Ms. Frizzle and Carlos when their pod gets trapped on the asteroid and they can't pull away.
  • The Big Board: Used to plot out the coordinates in outer space.
  • Captain's Log: Ms. Frizzle's "Teacher's Ledger."
  • Cassandra Truth: At first the class doesn't believe DA when she tells them the asteroid will hit their school. When they can't reach NASA, she sarcastically mentions they can wait for "The big kaboom, and then you'll have your proof!" Fortunately, Ms. Frizzle decides to take the class into space to verify DA's findings.
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  • Catapult Nightmare: DA has one about the asteroid she's charting hitting the school and killing Ms. Frizzle. What's worse is that according to her calculations, the school will be hit.
  • Colony Drop: Predating Armageddon and Deep Impact by thee years, no less. This being a kids' show, the threat is downplayed, with the asteroid treated as only being a danger to the school itself.
  • Composite Character: With regards to the Star Trek parody, Liz combines characteristics of Mr. Spock (visual appearance), Scotty (being told, "beam us down, Lizzie"), and Mr. Sulu (running the helm).
  • Fakeout Opening: At first it seems DA is part of a space adventure, flying around in a ship and talking to a superior. Then it turns out to be a nightmare she's having, about a real asteroid that will hit the school.
  • Foreshadowing: In DA's Catapult Nightmare, Ms. Frizzle was at the school when the asteroid hits it. During the episode, Ms. Frizzle and Carlos get stuck on the asteroid and require a rescue.
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  • Gravity Sucks: Played for Drama when the moon pulls the bus to its orbit, when Carlos and Ms. Frizzle's escape pod gets stuck to the asteroid, and when the bus becomes as large as the moon to redirect the asteroid from the Earth to the sun.
  • Hurl It into the Sun: How the class destroys the asteroid.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Carlos and Ms. Frizzle escape their trapped pod and head to the bus when their plan has failed and the bus has the asteroid in its orbit.
  • Homage: Let's just say that it starts with the bus turning into the Enterprise and goes from there. Plus, Ms. Frizzle has the hairstyle of Princess Leia.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: In her "Teacher's Ledger," Ms. Frizzle says this is, "field trip #24." This is indeed the twenty-fourth episode of the show.
  • Logical Weakness:
    • Discussed about orbits; a celestial body with a larger mass, like the moon, can draw in smaller ones to create an orbit.
    • Comets are made of ice; thus, with enough heat, they can be melted.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": The class has a few moments:
    • When they get trapped around the moon.
    • When the heat ray fails to melt the asteroid.
    • When Ms. Frizzle and Carlos get trapped on the asteroid when their plan fails.
    • NASA also has one off-screen, given their lines are busy.
  • No-Sell: The heat ray that worked on the comet doesn't work on the asteroid because it's made of metal and rock, not ice and rock.
  • Not Now, Kiddo: Carlos and Wanda tell DA this when giving the orders to melt down the comet before she can figure out if it's the object they need to destroy.
  • Panty Shot: Dorothy Ann's panties can be seen once she bumps into Ms. Frizzle at the beginning.
  • Pluto Is Expendable: The class had to start their solar system play without Dorothy Ann as Pluto.
  • Red Herring: The comet that the class finds. DA at first isn't sure if it's the right object, but after the bus destroys it, she becomes definitely sure.
  • Shout-Out: Carlos jokingly makes a barking sound when telling Dorothy Ann she was supposed to be Pluto.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: At first to get proof that the asteroid is coming, the class tries to call NASA. NASA unfortunately is on hold, probably because they can see the asteroid coming.
  • Time for Plan B: After they fail to melt the asteroid, Carlos and Ms. Frizzle attempt to pull it away from the projected course towards Earth. When that fails, DA comes up with the idea to make the bus large enough to draw the asteroid into its orbit, and then release it into the sun after Carlos and Ms. Frizzle are safe. Arnold lampshades that he hopes her plan is better than Carlos's.
  • Wham Shot: The asteroid not melting under the heat ray.


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