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Recap / The Magic For Idiots S 1 Ch 3 Sorted Out

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1-3 Sorted Out

"You know the policy on the human race and interacting with them! Even if it's not your fault that you're there, the headmaster would kill you!"

A purely filler chapter just to get the introductory arc over with.

Akemi and Rokuro are back in the kitchen eating lunch, with the former staring at how the latter seems to inhale his food rather than actually stopping to chew. Akemi makes a comment about how much (Or in this case, how little) his parents must feed him, to which Rokuro reminds her that he lives at school. He goes from there, notifying Akemi that he's going to talk to Hideki again soon. Her reaction to bringing up the blonde again is, of course, not a happy one.


After finishing eating and cleaning his dishes without a word, Rokuro makes his way back to his room and calls up Hideki again. Hideki is initially upset that Akemi isn't there as well, but soon becomes very serious when he and Rokuro begin talking about the situation at hand and how they're going to hide it.

Mahokkai has strict laws against communication with humans and the first dimension in general. If it's ever found out that Rokuro has gone there and spent time with humans, it's likely that he'll be either tortured or killed upon his return - Whether it was his choice or not. Hideki would likely be persecuted as well, as helping Rokuro come up with an excuse makes him an accomplice. He silently proclaims them as royally screwed either way.

Hideki suggests putting Rokuro's name down for a month-long school transfer program, but Rokuro shoots this down as they would need an excuse for the other eleven months he's going to be gone. They agree that, while they try to think up an excuse that will last, Hideki will not mention this to anyone. Rokuro specifically includes his friend's sister in the group of people not to speak to, as Kyoko is apparently a horrible secret keeper. Hideki makes his promise, then disconnects so he can study for an exorcism competition that Rokuro's sure was canceled already.



  • Aerith and Bob: Among the traditional-sounding Japanese names we have so far, the headmaster at Rokuro and Hideki's boarding school is named Phantasero.
  • Big Eater: Rokuro is one, evidently.
  • Filler
  • Humans Are Bastards: Mahokkai's reasoning. Their basic opinion on humans is the reason why Rokuro and Hideki are frightened.

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