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Recap / The Librarians S2 E09 "and the Happily Ever Afters"

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The team has scattered, all living the ideal versions of their lives. Flynn must figure out how to make them turn their backs on their own ultimate happy endings.


  • All Girls Like Ponies: Cassandra owns a pony as part of her happily ever after. Flynn also insists that he adores ponies.
  • Genki Girl: Ariel, who sometimes seems to be bouncing off the walls, possibly literal.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Ariel decides to help Flynn in return for him helping her break free of Prospero.
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  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The team is all trapped by their greatest desire. Unfortunately for Prospero, Flynn's greatest desire is a never ending series of puzzles and mysteries that he gets to solve, and saving the day single-handedly which he proceeds to do.
  • Noodle Incident: When Ariel is caught inside the Library, Jenkins mentions an incident involving Santa coming home early from Oktoberfest.
  • Only Sane Man: Flynn points out that it is impossible to teach 11 subjects at once, or for a 20 year old Australian to be an FBI special agent but the spell means that no-one else sees the issues with this.
  • The Power of Friendship: The team all rejects their personal fantasies because they have friends who need them.
  • They Fight Crime!: Used by name.
    Ezekiel: I'm a rule-breaking maverick, but I get results. My local liaison is the by-the-book Sheriff Baird and together, we fight crime.
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  • True Love's Kiss: How Flynn breaks Eve from the spell, and how Eve breaks Flynn out. The trope is even name-dropped by Ariel.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Ariel teleports away after seeing Moriarty and the townsfolk coming at them, and doesn't appear again, even in the next episode.
  • Your Heart's Desire: The team is all trapped in their own happily ever afters by Prospero. Notably despite other changes their desires include all four of them being together, operating out of a room filled with books and tracking down artifacts.
    • Eve is settled down in a little town where everybody knows your name.
    • Stone teaches at a university in 11 different departments and protects world heritage sites.
    • Ezekiel is an FBI agent who spends all day chasing and arresting dangerous criminals.
    • Cassandra is a famous astronaut and teaches science to kids.
    • Jenkins is doing his research in the Annex.
    • Flynn has an endless series of puzzles and mysteries that he gets to solve.
    • Then, after Flynn has broken the rest out of their traps, Prospero makes a last-ditch effort to give each of the LITs their greatest desire: Stone is offered a job at the Louvre, Jones gets recruited by Interpol, and Cassandra is offered the chance to be the first person on Mars. They successfully resist this time.
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  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: Flynn has to break himself from the spell too, having forgotten Jenkins... with his talisman being the pocketwatch he carries throughout the episode.
  • You Watch Too Much X: Inverted. Ezekiel's life is action packed, with constant shootouts and chasing down suspects. When Flynn says that actual FBI work is patient, detailed record-keeping and long, boring stakeouts, Ezekiel says Flynn has been watching too many cop shows.


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