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Recap / The Goldbergs S 8 E 4 Bills Wedding

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A Plot: Bill is getting married and Beverly and Jane have only 24 hours to plan it.

B Plot: A fortune teller at the wedding reception could change the future for Adam, Erica and Barry's romantic life.

  • Did Not Get the Girl: Ren breaks up with Barry after reconnecting with her old boyfriend.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: The Stinger is Adam calling Brea about her visiting a hotel with a pool, making a few comments about what she'll be wearing, and somehow leads to him saying that she should be envious of how Beverly looked in a swimsuit at her age.
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  • Enemy Mine: Jane Bales once again appears, showing up early to mock Beverly and claim she's a better wedding planner, but it's not long before Beverly realizes how in over her head she is and asks for her help.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Jane convinces Bev that the most efficient way to get people to help for the wedding is to be threatening and assertive, which does indeed work.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong: Immediately after the fortune teller first claims that she's never been wrong, she struggles trying to open a gate the wrong way. However, all of the kids still take her earlier prediction seriously.
  • My Greatest Second Chance: Bev eventually expresses to just-going-along-with-things Murray that her putting her all into throwing a wedding, the ultimate expression of love, is at least slightly motivated by the fact that their own wedding was a humble ceremony at City Hall.
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  • Runaway Bride: Bill gets cold feet and locks himself in the bathroom, but Murray coaxes him out using his Best Man speech about how valuable the love in a marriage can be, which Bev overhears and appreciates.
  • Vagueness Is Coming: The fortune teller shows up early on, when the kids are raking the yard that the reception will be held on, and portends that one of their romances will not survive the night. This leads to all three of them to interpret minor things, such as Brea being too busy to accompany Adam that night or Geoff making plans to visit Spain, as the catalyst for a disaster. It turns out that, coincidentally, one couple does break up: Barry and Ren, as the latter has ran into and reconnected with an old boyfriend.

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