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Recap / The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air S 1 E 07 Def Poets Society

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Philip forces Will to find an extracurricular activity, and Will joins Bel-Air Academy's Poetry Club to get with the girls there, particularly their leader Christina Johnson. Things get tricky, though, when Will makes up a poet named Rafael de la Ghetto and Christina asks Will to bring him to poetry night.

This episode provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Did Not Get the Girl: Will is ultimately unable to get with Christina, who gets with Jazz instead.
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  • Feigning Intelligence: Ned Fellows acts like he is a big fan of Rafael de la Ghetto, likely due to a desire to cover up his ignorance of black culture, not knowing that Will made de la Ghetto up.
  • Getting the Boot: Jazz first plays this straight then averts it later, as he shows up in the Banks' backyard to avoid the "grass burns" from Philip throwing him out.
  • Masquerading As the Unseen: Will is able to get Geoffrey to pose as Rafael for Poetry Night, and it initially works out, until Hilary and Toni recognize him.
  • Terrible Pickup Lines: Subverted with Jazz's barbecue pick-up line, which Will finds unimpressive, until Jazz proves its effectiveness by getting Christina with it.

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