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Recap / The Fairly Odd Parents S 3 E 11 Movie Magic

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Timmy enters the Dimm-A-Dance Film Festival where he tries to make a movie to impress Trixie at a film festival. When nobody likes the low-budget home movie he made with his friends, he goes back in time to get real footage, but he risks angering his friends after they were excluded in the new movie.


  • Amateur Film-Making Plot: The main plot involves the kids making their own movies.
  • Ask a Stupid Question...: Mom and Dad's movie about Timmy is called "Stupid Questions Our Son Asks Us".
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  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: Trixie says that comedy is the lowest form of entertainment... next to animation.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Timmy's movie turns out to be a hit and he wins the "best comedy" award, but Trixie rejects him again. However, he and his friends have made up.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Timmy's movie wins the best comedy award, but Trixie once again turns him down because the category is the lowest form of entertainment.
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  • So Bad, It's Good: An In-Universe example. Timmy's low-budget movie is so funny to the viewers that Timmy wins the "best comedy" award. Cosmo even lampshades this.
  • Take That!: The Hamlet movie and Timmy's attempts at making a movie are a potshots at Hollywood's schmack for making Actionized Adaptations or generally adaptations without care for the source material in favor of appealing easily to general audiences.
  • Who Would Want to Watch Us?: Trixie lambastes animation and comedy as low-tier forms of entertainment.

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