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Recap / The Defenders 2017 S 1 E 5 Take Shelter

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The team fights their way out of the Hand ambush, then works to get their loved ones somewhere safe.

  • Action Prologue: The episode starts with the Luke and Jessica's fight against Elektra having already started.
  • Anger Born of Worry: Karen is noticeably upset when Matt suggests that the Hand might know his real identity, knowing what could happen if Fisk does the same.
  • Back from the Dead: Bakuto shows up alive and well.
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  • Badass Normal: Sowande is actually able to give Luke somewhat of a fight, although it's implied that the resurrection process gives people certain enhancements.
  • Bad Boss: Alexandra tells Elektra that if she doubts herself and doesn't act like the Black Sky, both she and the Hand won't have any more use for her. Gao also shoots one of Sowande's men in the back of the head for disobeying the orders to take Danny in alive.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Luke disappears after the restaurant fight, after we've seen him against Sowande, one of the few guys who can take him in a straight fight, and we're led to believe The Worf Effect has kicked in. Until Luke catches up to the group at the dojo, winded, but having singlehandedly subdued Sowande.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment: Karen, when Matt drops by her office to move her into protective custody:
    Matt Murdock: [steps into the office doorway timidly] Hi?
    Karen Page: Hey. It's after midnight.
    Karen Page: [shrugs] Couldn't be a little more than that?
    Matt Murdock: [sighs] It's the Hand. [beat] They came for you before, Karen. I won't let that happen to you again. [Karen scoffs and runs a hand through her hair]
    Karen Page: [smiles in disbelief] I don't believe this.
    Matt Murdock: I know. They're back in New York-
    Karen Page: No, no, it's not them. You... [Karen gets up from her chair] Shit. This is how you tell me that you're doing it again? Because that's what you're saying. You're going out as him.
    Matt Murdock: Uh, no, actually. Uh, well... not yet.
    Karen Page: All right, but you told me you didn't miss it. What am I...
    Matt Murdock: I know what I said, Karen. We don't have to have this conversation-
    Karen Page: [simultaneously] Well of course we don't! Just talk, just talk to me, please, Matt! Just...[waves her arms in exasperation] just tell me!
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  • Ballroom Blitz: Matt and Jessica fight Murakami in an empty dance hall above a restaurant as they thwart his attempt to kill Trish.
  • Berserk Button: When Sowande reminds Jessica of Kilgrave, she immediately tries to deck him.
  • Big Damn Hero: Matt shows up in time to save Jessica and Trish from getting stabbed by Murakami.
  • Brick Joke: When Stick removes Sowande's blindfold, the latter tells him "I was wondering when I'd see you again". Stick replies "me too" before waving his hand in front of his non-seeing eyes and replies, "but I guess it's not today".
  • Call-Back:
    • Elektra goes to sleep in Matt's bed and curls up on her side in a fetal position, similarly to the way she slept in it while recuperating from getting stabbed by Nobu's ninjas.
    • The whole scene at the Bulletin and Matt asking Karen to get police protection at the precinct echoes the "I'm not yours to protect" conversation from ".380". Except this time, Karen reluctantly agrees to get police protection.
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  • Car Fu: Sowande has one of his men run Luke over with a semi truck. Considering that this is Luke Cage we're talking about, this doesn't slow him down for long.
  • Chairman of the Brawl: Matt uses a chair on Murakami at the Royal Dragon.
  • Color Motif: Karen's attachment to Matt's life is visible in the colors of her clothing: a red skirt and a black coat with red inner-lining. Foggy, meanwhile, sports a red necktie.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • When Matt gets back to the theatre after moving Karen to the precinct, Stick can smell Karen's perfume on Matt and says, "If she's as sweet as she smells, I get why you're torn up about this one," to which Matt replies "Don't bring her into this." As Charlie Cox said in some post-season 2 interviews, Matt loves Karen too much to want to see her get mixed up in his complicated life, and that attitude is VERY evident here. He's just been essentially forced to admit to Karen that he had been lying about wanting to give Daredevil up, and feels horrible both about that and the fact that she is getting dragged into it again. He could barely function when he realized the Hand had her in season 2; the last thing he wants is for that to happen again, and you can tell from that little exchange with Stick alone how much he hates that she’s been dragged back into his mess.
    • When Matt goes to the Bulletin to grab Karen and mentions that the Hand are back, he reminds her that she got kidnapped by them once before.
    • This is the second time an Avocado has been in the Bulletin offices (the first time being back when Karen and Foggy came here to speak to Ben Urich after they were attacked outside Elena Cardenas' building).
    • We're given a subtle hint that Karen still hasn't come clean about killing James Wesley:
    Matt Murdock: [slipping Karen's coat over her shoulders] You deserve better, Karen.
    Karen Page: [turns to him and gives a faint smile] So do you.
    • Similar to Harold Meachum, we see Elektra almost unconsciously find her way over to Matt's rooftop, then enter the apartment and go to sleep in his bed.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Malcolm can't help but catch a glance at Karen when she arrives at the precinct. Apparently Trish is also acquainted with Karen.
    Malcolm Ducasse: Who is she?
    Trish Walker: A reporter. [They watch as Karen hangs up her coat and then goes to hug Foggy]
    Malcolm Ducasse: You think she's here to write a story?
    Trish Walker: Doesn't look like it.
  • Dull Surprise: Matt doesn't have much of a reaction to Stick killing Sowande other than a facial expression of "Oh great, Stick is killing people again."
  • Easily Forgiven: Despite there being some tension between them, it's still quite hilarious seeing Bakuto and Madame Gao working together just like that, considering their civil war before. Bakuto lampshades it when Madame Gao doesn't make small talk while they wait for Alexandra.
    Bakuto: Are we no longer on speaking terms?
    Madame Gao: As long as we are in this organization, as long as we are alive, we will be on the same side.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: As Jessica and Trish enter the empty dance hall where Murakami is lying in wait, the colors of the room are all red and blue. Seconds later, as Murakami overpowers and is about to finish off Jessica, Matt shows up to give her an assist.
  • Foreshadowing: Karen's concerned reaction when Matt suggests the Hand know his real name has major implications due to the fact that Wilson Fisk is starting to dig into Matt's life.
  • Handicapped Badass: Being only one-handed now doesn't seem to impair Stick in the slightest.´
  • Hannibal Lecture: Sowande delivers one when Matt, Jessica, Luke, Danny and Stick are trying to interrogate them, throwing Danny's failure to protect K'un-Lun, Luke's failure to save Cole in jail and Jessica's failure to save John Raymond, and when that doesn't work, he mentions Kilgrave which understandably pisses her off. He then goes on and threatens those they love and Jessica shuts him up with a deck on the face.
  • History Repeats: Colleen seems to channel a bit of Harold Meachum: Harold had to hide away while Danny tried fighting the Hand on his behalf, so Harold blew off steam by going to town on a punching bag. Here, we see Colleen blow off steam in her dojo for the same reasons.
  • Intrepid Reporter: Trish is now contemplating turning Trish Talk into an investigative reporting show, covering the hard-hitting stuff rather than fluff. She also has been keeping tabs on other hotshot reporters in New York City, given that she recognizes Karen when she arrives at the precinct.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: With Matt finally realizing Elektra has been brainwashed, he tries to snap her out of it during their duel.
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: Sowande isn't afraid of being tortured for information, but that doesn't stop Matt from wrapping his grappling line around his neck until he passes out.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Possibly. The show's second most long-awaited moment, with practically the entire supporting cast finally in the same room, and practically every hero save for Danny has put two people up in the precinct: Karen, Foggy, Malcolm, Trish, Claire, Colleen, and Misty. Misty then tells them "you are all of interest to some very powerful people." It doesn't just apply to the Hand if you think about it.
  • Let Me Get This Straight...: Karen when Matt is informing her that the Hand are back in town:
    Karen Page: Look I don't need your protection, Matt. Whatever it is you're doing—or Daredevil is doing—I'm not a part of it anymore, so...
    Matt Murdock: That may be the case. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if you're part of Daredevil's world or not, because they may be coming after Matt Murdock's too.
    Karen Page: [wide-eyed] I'm sorry—does that mean they know who you are?!
    Matt Murdock: [shakes his head] I just can't take any chances-
    Karen Page: Matt, that isn't your call!
    Matt Murdock: Can you please just come with me? Just lay low a couple of days. That's all I'm asking. I'm sorry...
  • Lightswitch Surprise: Matt reveals his presence to Karen by turning on a desk lamp in the cubicle right outside her office.
  • Lock-and-Load Montage: The leaders of the Hand and their henchmen gear up and pile into their cars as they prepare their assault on the Royal Dragon, accompanied by the final two minutes to the fourth movement of Brahms' 1st symphony in C minor.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Sowande gloats that he was once captured by The Chaste and convinced them all to not only let him go, but kill each other as well.
  • Mythology Gag: The exchange between Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, who in the comics are a duo with their own comic book. They're even wearing shirts that match their uniforms.
  • Negated Moment of Awesome: Sowande actually manages to stagger Luke with his blows and gives him a Badass Boast... Just before getting his ass kicked, offscreen no less.
  • Not So Above It All: Danny remarks that Matt's grappling line form his club is cool. Luke hesitantly agrees.
    Danny: So cool.
    Luke: I mean it's... kinda cool.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Even though he was last given a tough fight and even run over by a huge truck, Luke still defeats Sowande and captures him for the team.
  • Off with His Head!: When Sowande takes Danny at knifepoint, taking advantage of the distraction caused by Luke and Jessica giving Matt a dressing down over withholding his past relationship with Elektra from them, Stick sneaks up from the side and decapitates him with one swift strike.
  • Oh, Crap!: Colleen instantly tenses up when she hears Bakuto's voice, and Danny is so shocked at seeing him that it takes him a moment to realize Colleen has been cut.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Because Matt's the only one of the heroes to have a secret identity, the Hand knows who Jessica's, Luke's and Danny's friends and loved ones are, forcing them to hide these people at Misty's precinct until the threat goes away. Matt still doesn't take any chances with Foggy and Karen, because he was fighting at the Royal Dragon in civilian clothing.
    • Likewise, when Matt visits Karen, Karen lets out an alarmed "I'm sorry, does that mean they know who you are?!" at learning that the Hand may know Matt is Daredevil, both because she knows the legal consequences that Foggy and Matt could face if Matt gets exposed, but also because it will be bad if Wilson Fisk learns that sort of information.
    • Jessica easily loses to Murakami due to not being proficient in martial arts, while Matt is able to match Murakami more fairly due to having been well-versed in knowing the Hand's fighting styles.
    • Jessica has seen people kill each other or themselves in front of her (Stirling, Hope Schlottman's parents, Hope Schlottman, Jeri Hogarth's ex, Kilgrave's mom, and John Raymond), but those were either cut throats, stabbings, or shootings, so it's a real shock when Stick decapitates Sowande in front of her.
  • Skewed Priorities:
    • Karen is more annoyed that Matt is back to doing Daredevil activities than she is with the fact that someone has just threatened her. Considering how many times she's been threatened by Wilson Fisk, by James Wesley, and over the course of her investigation into Frank Castle, it's understandable why she's so blase about being threatened.
    • Following Murakami's attempt on her life, Trish is more fixated on the fact that Jessica is friends with Daredevil than with someone having just tried to kill them both.
    Trish Walker: Did you know Jessica knows Daredevil?
    Malcolm Ducasse: What, the costumed guy?
    Trish Walker: Yeah. And some guy attacked us.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye:
    • In typical Hand fashion, Bakuto and his lackeys vanish from the heroes eyes when they don't look at him for a second.
    • Murakami makes a similar disappearance after his attempt to kill Trish fails. The only evidence of him running away is one guy standing on the ground floor looking around confused where Murakami should have splattered.
  • Super Window Jump: Murakami drops through a skylight to enter the fray at the Royal Dragon.
  • This Cannot Be!: Trish utters a disbelieving "No way" when Matt appears in full Daredevil regalia just as Murakami is about to overpower Jessica.
  • Throw It In!: After Matt and Jessica thwart Murakami's attempt to kill Trish, Jessica looks at Matt's Daredevil costume and says "Nice ears", which was an Ad Lib by Krysten Ritter. Charlie Cox threw in a response of "They're horns" without breaking character.
  • Troubled Fetal Position: Elektra lays down this way while going to sleep on Matt's bed, slowly regaining her memories.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: The group is pretty mystified when Matt takes off to go after Elektra, leaving them behind to fight the rest of the Hand. They are undestandably upset, later, when he tells them about his relationship with her after he fails to interrogate Sowande.
  • The Worf Effect: Luke has some trouble against Elektra and later Sowande. Subverted as things go somewhat better for him than expected (at least if you forgot that he did survive Cottonmouth's attempt to kill him with a rocket launcher, which is at least twice as bad as that garbage truck that runs him over).
  • You Must Be Cold: Matt helps Karen with her coat as he's grabbing her from the Bulletin.

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