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Recap / The Crystal Kingdom Chapter Four

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"I hope our heroes know their long-division, or else they're going to get long-divided... The robot's gonna cut them in half, I mean. It's The Adventure Zone!"
The Announcer

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We may have finally found a challenge that our heroes cannot overcome: Math-based trivia. Can our heroes stump their animatronic captor before turning extra crispy? Can they stave off a crystalline death for one more episode? Merle seeks divine intervention. Magnus makes an otherworldly find. Taako's good out here.



  • Armor-Piercing Question: "Who do we work for?"
  • Kick the Dog: A rare instance of Kick the Dog by proxy. The trio gets fed up with Angus' distressed sobbing (after he thought he'd gotten them killed), but since they're on the far end of a conference call, they have to beg the Director to hit him instead.
  • Logic Bomb: Hodge Podge's bonus round involves asking a question it doesn't know the answer to. After many, many failed attempts, Taako wins by asking it "Who do we work for?". It promptly explodes.
    • This works because as a secret Artifact Collection Agency, the Bureau of Balance wipes all evidence of its existence from the world, including Hodge Podge's database.
  • Robot Buddy: NO-3113, a "hug-shaped robot" with a southern accent who's assembled from mismatched parts.
  • Stealing the Credit: Lucas's room contains a magic emerald disk that reflects everyday scenes from Real Life, such as people using smartphones, working in skyscrapers, and riding in cars. Turns out, the Miller family's legacy of scientific invention (including the elevator) was based on technological ideas taken from our world.
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  • Three Wishes: Merle casts Commune, a spell that lets him ask three yes-or-no questions to the DM acting as his deity, Pan. None of them help him beat Hodge Podge's riddle.

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