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This is the list of episodes for the animated series The Critic, which aired on ABC from January 26, 1994 to July 20, 1994. After which it then moved to Fox, where it aired from March 5, 1995 to May 21, 1995. After which, it had a brief revival as Webisodes on Atom Films/Shockwave, which aired from December 2000 to September 2001.

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    Season One (1994) 
  1. "Pilot": After getting in a relationship with actress Valerie Fox, Jay must decide whether or not to give her a good review from her latest movie.
  2. "Miserable": Jay has a relationship with a film projectionist, whom happens to be an obsessive fan of his.
  3. "Marty's First Date": While at career day with Jay, Marty falls for a Cuban girl named Carmen.
  4. "Dial 'M' For Mother": To improve his image with TV audiences, Jay is featured in a TV special, but things fall apart when he yells at his mother.
  5. "A Little Deb Will Do Ya": Margo is forced into participating in a debutante ball. Jay gets into a ratings war with Humphrey the Hippo.
  6. "Eyes on the Prize": After getting fired, Jay attempts to save his career by winning the Pulitzer Prize.
  7. "Marathon Mensch": After his masculinity is called into question when Doris rescues him from a burning building, Jay participates in the New York Marathon.
  8. "L.A. Jay": Jay moves to Los Angeles to write a movie.
  9. "Dr. Jay": Jay must find a cure for Duke after he's been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  10. "A Day at the Races and a Night at the Opera": After Marty bombs during field day at school, he takes up guitar.
  11. "Uneasy Rider": Jay quits Coming Attractions to be a truck driver.
  12. "A Pig Boy and His Dog": Eleanor writes a children's book featuring a pig who is based on Jay.

    Season Two (1995) 
  1. "Sherman, Woman and Child": While trying to save his job on Coming Attractions, Jay meets Alice Thompkins and her daughter Penny.
  2. "Sherman of Arabia": At Marty's slumber party, Jay tells the story about his experiences in Iraq during The Gulf War.
  3. "A Song for Margo": Margo starts dating rock star Johnny Wrath. Alice tries to find a new preschool for Penny.
  4. "From Chunk to Hunk": At weight-loss camp, Marty loses a tremendous amount of weight, which makes him one of the most popular kids in school. Meanwhile, Jay fears for his life when an action star threatens to kill him.
  5. "Lady Hawke": Jay dates Jeremy Hawke's sister Olivia, which causes some strain in his relationship with Alice, whom realizes she loves Jay.
  6. "Frankie and Ellie Get Lost": After Frank and Eleanor are presumed dead in a plane crash, Jay uses the inheritance money to make New York a better place.
  7. "Siskel & Ebert & Jay & Alice": Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert split up, and both attempt to rope Jay into being their partners.
  8. "All the Duke's Men": Duke runs for President of the United States.
  9. "Dukerella": Alice's sister, a Southern belle named Miranda moves to New York to find a rich man to marry, where she meets Duke at a costume ball.
  10. "I Can't Believe It's a Clip Show": A Clip Show where Jay hosts a 10th anniversary show for Coming Attractions, where everyone gets held hostage by terrorists.

    Season Three (2000-2001) 
  1. "X-Men": Jay discusses the rise and fall in his career and introduces his new make-up woman, Jennifer.
  2. "Mission: Impossible 2, Gladiator, Gone in 60 Seconds": In a beach theme show, Jay reviews the best movies from 2000 and Arnold Schwarzenegger stops by.
  3. "Pokemon 2000, The Patriot": Jay shows a nicer side so he can get a date with Jennifer while reviewing movies with Pikachu.
  4. "Perfect Storm, Star Wars, Titanic, The Sixth Sense": Jay takes Jennifer on a date where he talks about the movies he missed out on reviewing.
  5. "Out of Africa, Silence Of The Lambs, On the Waterfront": Jay gives his take on the Oscars.
  6. "Sleepy Hollow, Pulp Fiction": Jay discuss Sleepy Hollow and Pulp Fiction with Jennifer at her apartment.
  7. "Cast Away, The Legend of Bagger Vance": Jay reviews the best movies of 2000.
  8. "Harry Potter, Planet of the Apes": Jay talks about upcoming films and goes on a nice romantic date with Jennifer.
  9. "Broadway": Jay gives his take on shows on Broadway.
  10. "Pearl Harbor": Waiting in line at a theater, Jay reviews Pearl Harbor and gets mistaken for Shrek.


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