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Recap / The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley

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The following is a list of episodes and their summaries for The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley, a very short-lived NBC Saturday morning cartoon from the late 1980s (1988, to be specific), starring Martin Short's spastic, overly-optimistic nerd character, Ed Mayhoff Grimley, his bizarre adventures through life, and the colorful characters he meets along the way, including two scientists (The Amazing Gustav Brothers) who interrupt the show to give the kids a science lesson and incompetent kids' show host, Count Floyd.


  1. "Tall Dark and Hansom": Ed fills in for his cousin driving a hansom cab, and ends up in a horse race.
  2. "Ed's Debut": Ed mistakenly believes he's been chosen to play the triangle at the city philharmonic's latest concert. Along the way, Ed is arrested and imprisoned for a bank robbery he did not commit.
  3. "E.G., Go Home": Ed and Wendallnote , go on an amusement park rocket ride, taking them to another planet which is ruled by an alien queen who sounds like Bette Davis (but is really voiced by Andrea Martin).
  4. "Ed's in Hot Water": Looking after the apartment building for his landlady, Deidre Freebus, while she and her husband, Leon, are on vacation, Ed tries to fix the water heater and ends up going down the drain, into the ocean, and on an island, where he finds a stranded, Amelia Earhart-esque aviator.
  5. "Crate Expectations": Ed gets trapped in a crate while trying to get a birthday present for Miss Malone. Meanwhile, Miss Malone, depressed over being passed up for a TV movie and being a 25-year-old struggling actress, meets a guardian angel who shows her what life would be like if she was never born.
  6. "Grimley, P.F.C.": A walk to return a library book leads to a Boot Camp Episode for Ed, where a Bob Hope-esque USO comedian chooses Grimley to be second banana, but Grimley soon becomes a comedy star in his own right.
  7. "Moby is Lost": Moby, Ed's pet goldfish, is missing and Ed hires a television-obsessed sea captain to lead the search.
  8. "Good Neighbor Ed": Ed wins a contest but to fulfill the contest rules he needs to take a picture of all of his neighbors.
  9. "Driver Ed": Miss Malone needs to learn how to drive and calls upon Ed to teach her, but an accident turns the two into wandering spirits who haunt Mr. Freebus.
  10. "Blowin' in the Wind": While on his way to his aunt's house for a game of Monopoly, Ed is caught up in the same tornado that sent Dorothy to Oz, only he ends up on the farm with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry where a traveling summer stock show, with a Jerry Lewis-like director, are hoping for a shot at Broadway.
  11. "Eyewitness Ed": A simple grocery store shop for hot dogs lands Ed in Witness Protection after witnessing a robbery and testifying against the perpetrator.
  12. "Eddy, We Hardly Knew Ye": Ed goes into the hospital for a tonsillectomy where his roommate is a werewolf.
  13. "The Irving Who Came to Dinner": Irving Cohen (another Martin Short character) comes to visit Ed to help him identify some hucksters out to scam him.


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