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Recap / The Cleveland Show S 1 E 12 Our Gang

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Cleveland forms a club, to help lead a gang of unruly, troubled teens, back to the path of righteousness.

  • Absentee Actor: Roberta Tubbs.
  • Amusing Injuries: Principal Farquhare underwent this, getting trampled by a bunch of students, including the football team, the marching band, and the cast of the current season's Biggest Loser.
  • Artifact Title: The gang is called "The Crazy Eights", but with the inclusion of Cleveland and Junior, there's ten of them. At the end of the episode, Cleveland and Junior left the gang, justifying the title again.
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  • The Cameo: Chris Griffin makes a cameo, crashing through the ceiling of the house.
    Chris: Hi, Cleveland.
    Cleveland: Go back to Quahog.
    Chris: OKAY!
  • Delayed Reaction: Cleveland had two of these. First in regard to finding out his gang was selling drugs, and their rival gang was coming for him, and again, when the rival gang saud they'd kill Junior, unless he gave their drugs back, right after he flushed them down the toilet.
  • Trampled Underfoot: Principal Farquhare gets trampled by the school football team, the marching band, and the cast of The Biggest Loser.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Crazy Eight, Fontaisha abruptly stopped appearing on screen, even in full group shots, halfway through the episode.

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