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Recap / The Borgias

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The Borgias is a Showtime...well, show...about the notorious Borgia family and their rise to the Papacy during Renaissance Italy. It currently consists of one season of nine episodes.

Season 1

  1. The Poisoned Chalice
  2. The Assassin
  3. The Moor
  4. Lucrezia's Wedding
  5. The Borgias in Love
  6. The French King
  7. Death, On a Pale Horse
  8. The Art of War
  9. Nessuno (Nobody)

Season 2

  1. The Borgia Bull
  2. Paolo
  3. The Beautiful Deception
  4. Stray Dogs
  5. The Choice
  6. Day of Ashes
  7. The Siege at Forli
  8. Truth and Lies
  9. World of Wonders
  10. The Confession


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