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Recap / The Blacklist S 3 E 9 The Director

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The Director (No. 24) provides examples of:

  • Big Damn Heroes: A non-action variant. Cynthia Panabaker just barely manages to prevent Liz from falling in the Cabal's hands and getting assassinated by them before her trial.
  • Black Humor: Tom offers Karakurt some beans after he just cut into Karakurt's chest using a bean can.
  • Enemy Mine: Russler and Tom definitely don't care for each other but they both care about Liz enough to work together for her sake. Same goes for Cooper and Tom but they have far less tension between them.
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  • Internal Reveal: Russler realizes that Laurel Hitchin is a member of the Cabal and that she killed Reven Wright after Hitchin says the name Tommy Markin which is the name of the dirty cop that was responsible for Russler's death, something he told Wright about earlier.


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