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Recap / The Big Bang Theory S 7 E 23 The Gorilla Dissolution

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Penny gets fired from her movie and takes a serious look at her life decisions. Raj and Sheldon go to the movies and see Emily on a date with another guy, causing Raj to think about his relationship with her. Mrs. Wolowitz breaks her leg, and Howard and Bernadette have to become her care-givers.

Episode Tropes:

  • Call-Back: Penny's Anne Frank play over a bowling alley and her hemorrhoid commercial are mentioned.
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  • Fake Shemp (In-Universe): After Penny got fired, the director planned on having somebody wear a gorilla mask for the remainder of the film as they just finished the last scene with her in it.
  • Gilligan Cut:
    Wil Wheaton: If you fire her, you're gonna have to fire me too. [cut to him and Penny at a bar] Wow, that went bad very quickly.
  • Jerkass: The director for Serial Ape-ist 2. He clearly does not care about the movie to the point of looking at his phone during a shoot, calls Penny a terrible actress to her face, and fires her and Wil for trying to stand up for each other.
  • Motivation on a Stick: Invoked when Howard jokes about using a fishing pole and a honey glazed ham to get his mother to use the treadmill.
  • Out of Focus: Amy, as she only appears in one scene and has no plot relevance.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously (In-Universe): Penny decides that rather than complain about the film like she did before, she'll go in with a positive attitude. Shame that the director did not have the same mindset.
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  • Wham Episode: Leonard and Penny finally get engaged!

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