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Recap / The Batman S 2 E 13 Night And The City

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Seeing the fighting between them, Riddler decided to give out a contest to both Joker and Penguin that whoever captures Batman and discovers his true identity will own all of Gotham.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Bad Boss: Rojas has learned nothing from his experiences with Ethan Bennett and uses tactics that'd make Gillian Loeb proud, firing Ellen Yin and practically taking hostage to use as bait for a trap when he learns she was in alliance with Batman. The only thing stopping Rojas is Gordon pulling rank, and ordering him to release and reinstate Yin.
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  • The Commissioner Gordon: The Trope Namer makes his debut, having already been in alliance with Batman off-screen and having recently been promoted to Police Commissioner.
  • Defiant to the End: Riddler's henchmen are either knocked out or killed, his technology is sabotaged by Yin, and his allies Joker and Penguin are both taken out by Batman. His method of dealing with this issue? Scream that he's the last man standing and try one more attempt to defeat Batman. He failed, but it was pretty gutsy for the character.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Rojas comes dangerously close to crossing the line here.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Yeah, Rojas canning Yin and using her as a hostage to trap Batman wasn't going to end well for him considering the Trope Namer for The Commissioner Gordon debuts in this episode and puts his foot down, considering right before he re-arrests Yin, Gordon forces Rojas to back off and undo her firing.
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  • Near-Villain Victory: Rojas has Batman dead to rights and almost unmasks him in one scene. Fortunately, Gordon is a bit more reasonable.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Gordon, far more than the obsessive Rojan is.
  • Remember the New Guy?: While Jeff Matsuda said Jim Gordon was the officer in the flashback in "Traction", Gordon hadn't appeared in the present day before this episode—yet Alfred says "James Gordon loomed large over [Bruce's] life." Also, at the newly-installed Batsignal, Gordon says to Batman, "Thanks to all of your efforts, Batman, the time is finally right to take our alliance to the next step," implying Batman and Gordon had already formed their alliance off-screen some point before this episode.
  • Rivals Team Up: Joker and Penguin do this when the Riddler has plans on eliminating the competition, which is them.
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  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Gordon tells Rojas to clam it more than once here.


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