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Recap / The Backyardigans S 4 E 18 The Big Dipper Diner

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Music Genre: Folk rock

Characters Absent: Austin

Pablo and Uniqua introduce themselves as employees at "The Big Dipper Diner". They are prepared to open up shop.

Meanwhile, Space Officers Tyrone and Tasha are searching for a dangerous space alien known as the Blarg.

The Blarg appears and shrinks a satellite. The cops give chase. Meanwhile, another alien bu tha name of Hugs enters the diner. Hugs warms up to Pablo and Uniqua very fast.


The cops come by the diner to search for the Blarg. When the officers are investigating the diner looking for the Blarg, Waitress Uniqua and Cook Pablo realize that the cops are almost certainly going to confuse Hugs for the Blarg.

It's all downhill from there...

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