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Recap / The Backyardigans S 1 E 3 The Yeti

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Music Genre: James Brown R&B

Characters Absent: Austin.

We open with Pablo being the titular yeti, complete with a song ("The Yeti Stomp") about it. He goes off to his "be-yuuutiful" igloo, which he protects by giving any intruders "snow bellies".

After he leaves, Uniqua and Tasha come out. Uniqua takes some photos of Tasha, and later (and by later, we mean ten seconds), Tasha with Tyrone. The three year the yell of the yeti. Uniqua gets excited and wants to go find the Yeti. Tasha, despite not believing that yetis exist, comes with her because she's (supposedly) a frozen north expert. Tyrone accompanies the girls even though he could care less.


After singing "Keep On Snow-Going", the trio find yeti footprints and "droppings" (actually just raisins). Uniqua gets overexcited and calls for the yeti, causing a large snowball to start rolling down a mountain towards them. They slide down the mountain and dodge the snowball, which falls into a lake. Fortunately, there are some convenient kayaks nearby, so our heroes can continue their journey while singing a remix of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

Tensions are heating up between the girls, who begin arguing over the Yeti's existence and singing "There's No Such Thing As A Yeti". A snowstorm blows in, so the trio wanders aimlessly for a bit before finding the Yeti's igloo. They go inside and warm up. Uniqua knows that they've found the yeti's igloo, but Tasha is still not convinced, causing a reprise of "There's No Such Thing As A Yeti".


They hear someone yelling, and go outside. Yeti Pablo is standing on top of the igloo (for some reason), and falls off into a pile of snow. The trio finally finds him. Tasha freaks out and runs away, so they run after her.

Now that Tasha knows the Yeti is Pablo, Uniqua gets a pic of her friends all together. Pablo chased them with snow until the end-of-story stomach rumble. They go back to Uniqua's place for hot cocoa.


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