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Recap / The Aquabats! Super Show! S1 E1 "ManAnt!"

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Wait until they bust out the giant forks!

ManAnt: Winter is coming, Crash! Look! Winter is coming, and this sheep has been shaved of his wooly coat!
Crash McLarson: SO SAD! (gets his growth powers drained) Uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
ManAnt: Oh no, look at this! A baby calf on roller skates, pushed down the stairs!

Somewhere, at a backyard birthday party...

The Aquabats are playing at a backyard birthday party, continuing into the morning (eight hours later!). The band is exhausted from playing non-stop, when suddenly, a distant explosion is heard, accompanied with a plume of smoke! The band deduces that the Burrito Brothers' Burger Hut is under attack, and try to leave, until the birthday girl shows up to ask about her party. The band presents a small birthday cake to the girl, with a lone candle lit by Jimmy the Robot, before taking off.

The Aquabats take the Battletram to the Burrito Brothers' Burger Hut, or what's left of it. The firefighters at the scene had found a business card with the name ManAnt on it.

Jimmy the Robot intercepts a news report: "Tiny Burgers is under attack by mysterious masked men!"


MC Bat Commander: Aquabats, let's go! If we can get there soon, maybe we can save a delicious!

Inside the Battletram, hunger is taking its toll on the band, who have gone a long time without eating.

The Aquabats soon arrive at a deserted Tiny Burgers, where they get into a fight with ManAnt's henchmen. The henchmen flee, and the band finds a DVD with the mark of ManAnt. The band leaves, but Crash McLarson is distracted by what he thinks is a "corndog", or a dog with a unicorn's horn attached to its forehead. Crash goes inside the truck where the dog is located, and finds out that it's not a real dog. He gets emotional and grows huge, but ManAnt's goons have trapped him inside the truck!

Back inside the Battletram, the rest of the band watch the DVD.

ManAnt: Hello, Aquabats! I am ManAnt!
Eaglebones Falconhawk: ManAnt! Maybe we've been saying it wrong.
MC Bat Commander: Maybe Mahn-aunt's been saying it wrong.

ManAnt tells the Aquabats that their teammate, Crash, has been kidnapped! He is buried up to his head in dirt near a giant anthill. ManAnt's goons roll out a red carpet for ManAnt himself, who is very small. Crash remembers how ManAnt was created; as a kid, he found a genie lamp that freed a genie (played by Rip Taylor) that granted him a wish in return. Young Crash wishes for a "part-man, part-ant bad guy for my dolls to fight." ManAnt materializes out of nowhere, but before Crash can play, his mother calls him inside.

One of the henchmen sticks a very tiny needle inside Crash's skin, stealing his powers. The henchman transfers the powers to ManAnt, who grows into human size. A hose is attached to Crash's ear, and ManAnt proceeds to milk Crash's remaining powers by showing him a picture book of animals in unfortunate situations, making Crash sad and angry enough for his emotional powers to flow through the hose.

Back at the Battletram, Jimmy the Robot finds the giant anthill.

MC Bat Commander: Take us to that anthill, Jimmy. Saving Crash is more important than burgers...right?

Meanwhile, ManAnt makes a bunch of ants grow with a few drops of Crash's siphoned powers. He orders them with his antennae.

The Battletram arrives near Crash. Crash calls the team to check out what's under the Battletram - IT'S A CARTOON!

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The Aquabats are drifting helplessly in their Battletram in space, having been thrown there by Space Monster M. A puppy licks the Bat Commander's face, waking him up. The Commander follows it outside of the room, and ends up on the moon. The Commander keeps chasing the (hologram) puppy until it jumps down a hole...

...and he wakes up, still floating inside the Battletram, now on an impending course towards the moon. The Commander makes his way to the driver's seat, but accidentally tears off the steering wheel. He presses the gravity button, knocking his teammates awake. The band comes up front to help; the thrusters won't fire, but Jimmy the Robot activates the high-tension safety coil to soften the Battletram's landing.


Lil' Bat Short

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  • Badass in a Nice Suit: ManAnt.
  • Beach Bury: Done to Crash so that ManAnt can siphon his powers.
  • Captain Obvious:
    ManAnt: Crash McLarson, we meet again!
    Crash: You're tiny!
    (ManAnt's henchmen gasp)
    ManAnt: You're tiny, Captain Obvious!
    • Mahn-aunt was technically right, though, what with Crash's power to grow to a hundred feet tall, meaning he was tiny compared to what he can be.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: This episode feels kind of weird and disjointed (even for this show), like they hadn't quite found the groove they wanted yet.
    • Ricky refers to himself in the first person during the final battle, a quirk that did not stick.
  • Make My Monster Grow
  • No Pronunciation Guide: Spoofed, with the band originally pronouncing ManAnt as "Mahn-aunt" until they watch the DVD that he left behind (with MC Bat Commander still thinking that "Mahn-aunt" is the right way to say the name).
  • Reality Ensues: The MCBC punches a mook in the visor and only manages to hurt his hand.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, burger rain, burger rain...

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