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Recap / The Amazing World Of Gumball S 6 E 18 The Schooling

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Gumball and Darwin take Larry's jobs for 5 minutes and see how bad it is.


  • Call-Back: Larry was revealed to have been very lazy, even lazier than Richard in "The Laziest". In this episode, it is revealed he dropped out of school, which is part of the reason why he has so many jobs.
  • Disgusting Public Toilet: Gumball has to clean out a bathroom that's so filthy he has to slap on stickers on what NOT to do in it.
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  • Exact Words: Gumball said he would follow Larry's work schedule to the last letter. By that he meant "following" the Long List's path across town; he didn't say he'd read it.
  • Free the Frogs: Mr. Small tries to free all the animals in the pet store, but they all attack him when he does... even the cute puppies.
  • In Another Man's Shoes: Gumball and Darwin trade places with Larry to see how hectic his life is.
  • A Lesson Learned Too Well: Larry had Darwin and Gumball take his jobs so they'd want to stay in school to get a better one. They take his point, but Gumball (possibly intentionally) rubs it in that Larry's own life is so pathetic he's using it as a scare tactic.
  • Downer Ending: The episode ends on an uneasy Larry realizing he's wasting his life taking on all these jobs to pay for stuff he doesn't really want.
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  • Just the Introduction to the Opposites: While working as a bank teller, Gumball is distressed to see the scary-looking dolphin man step up to the counter, and is told by his coworker, the calculator bank teller, it's a Bank Robbery. Except in this case, the bank is doing the robbery. Cue Gumball shaking down the man for all his possession by threatening to lower his credit score, after which Gumball is thoroughly disgusted in himself.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Most of the Jerkass customers that Gumball and Darwin endure suffer from this.
    • Harold has the bottom half of his soda cup ripped off, making his soda drink bottomless.
    • Gumball intentionally leads the old woman to a police station.
    • Felicity gets accidentally thrown out of a window.
    • Mr. Small gets mauled by several animals after attempting to break them all out.
    • The whole episode is one to Gumball and Darwin, as they have mistreated Larry a lot through the show, and now feel how it's like to be him.
  • Literal-Minded:
    • Harold called out Gumball on his "bottomless soda" because the cup clearly had a bottom (which he did in order to demand free stuff). Gumball complies by punching out the bottom of the cup, spilling all the soda.
    • The melted cheese guy takes a delivery website's tagline of "You won't have to lift a finger" to make Darwin deliver a toenail clipper by climbing into his open second-story window, having him sign the form with his hand, and then make him unbox it and clip his toenails for him.
  • Long List: Larry's list of work starts in the gas station, wraps around the back exit onto a wall to a fence all the way to a railroad crossing, continues on the passing train to the fence across, wrapping around a desert to the pizza place, where it's just barely finished being printed.
  • Mixed Metaphor: Gumball tries to excuse accidentally knocking over and breaking a gumball machine by invoking Newton's laws of motion.
    Gumball: Yeah, well, sorry, but Mewtwo's first law of physics: what goes up, uh, stays in Vegas.
    Larry: Isaac Newton would be spinning in his grave, but gravity won't let him.
  • Oh, Crap!: After Gumball explains the lesson he learned about staying in school so he won't end up like Larry, the latter's realization kicks in and doesn't feel fulfilled as he once again feels that he wasted his life.
  • Triple Shifter: Gumball and Darwin get to see what it's like for this episode. Larry has to leave for five minutes because if he doesn't take a break at least once a year, his heart will stop (if he takes longer than five, his heart will stop from the adrenaline drop). By the end of it, the boys have gone through so much they can't believe he has to deal with all of that in only five minutes, let alone all the time.
  • Unsatisfiable Customer: The whole point of the episode is to show that Larry has to deal with these constantly.
    • Harold Wilson complains that his "bottomless soda" has a bottom on it, intentionally making a ridiculous complaint so he can get free stuff.
    • An old woman asks them to sing a song on the Mall PA in order to page her son who she hasn't seen in 40 years in New Jersey. It works.
    • Felicity Parham demands to be moved closer to a window in a restaurant—as in she demands they push her the chair she is in across the floor without her getting out of it—and keeps demanding they move her closer until she's pressing so hard against the glass that she breaks through it.
  • Vignette Episode: The bulk of this episode is mostly random skits about Gumball and Darwin occupying one of Larry's many jobs while often dealing with an Unsatisfiable Customer.


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