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Recap / The Amazing World Of Gumball S 4 E 21 The Girlfriend

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After seeing Alan share his lunch with Carmen during her cafeteria bullying, Jamie gets it in her head that she needs a sweetheart and chooses Darwin (since he was the only one left on the bus when it exploded from her brainstorm). While Darwin wants to go along with it until Jamie realizes the error of her ways, Gumball pushes his brother to break up with her.


  • Absentee Actor: Penny is Gumball's girlfriend, so logically she would have something to say about Jamie declaring Gumball her boyfriend. However, she is nowhere to be found, and isn't mentioned at all.
    • Also, Gumball, Darwin or Richard never told Nicole what Jamie did to them, even though she could easily take Jamie down and teach her a lesson.
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  • Awful Wedded Life: A lot like his mom's future if she married Harold (but without the murder at the end), Gumball imagines a future with Jamie and ends up an emotionally abused housewife along with Darwin.
  • Black Comedy Cannibalism: Banana Joe lets Jamie eat part of his head when she walks by. She decides she doesn't want it and spits it out, while Joe seems slightly brain damaged. Anton offers himself with a slice of cheese, and cuts the crust off. She's still not interested, so she tells him to eat "it". Anton attempts to oblige, but seems incapable of finishing himself off. Later, Jamie beats up Sarah and licks up some of the ice cream splattered on her hand.
  • Dinner Deformation: Jamie makes Richard eat a lacrosse stick, which visibly sticks out from both sides of his head.
  • Dutch Angle: While Jamie is chasing Gumball, the camera suddenly tilts while on Gumball, then show Jamie's making a Quizzical Tilt at the same angle.
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  • Duck Season, Rabbit Season: Gumball tries to trick Darwin into saying he'll do something about Jamie, but doesn't watch the words closely enough.
    Gumball: Please.
    Darwin: No.
    Gumball: Please.
    Darwin: No.
    Gumball: Please.
    Darwin: No.
    Gumball: Please.
    Darwin: No.
    Gumball: Please.
    Darwin: No.
    Gumball: Please.
    Darwin: No.
    Gumball: Please.
    Darwin: No.
    Gumball: No.
    Darwin: Please.
    Gumball: Bummer. Usually, it works on TV.
  • Entitled to Have You: The opening show Jamie as used to get anything she wants without even asking because everyone is so afraid of her. Following this, she decides that if she wants Darwin to be her boyfriend, he is her boyfriend.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: The plot is kicked off when Jamie is baffled by Alan sharing with Carmen without getting anything out of it.
  • Figure It Out Yourself: Darwin refuses to tell Jamie she isn't his girlfriend, as he thinks she needs to figure it out herself. Right after she does, Darwin finally decides to step in, and she punches him in the face for assuming she didn't already know something so obvious.
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  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: Richard is impressed by Jamie dead-lifting an entire treadmill, and Gumball comments that "You should see what she does with a lacrosse stick." When Richard tries to talk to her in the same scene, Jamie is holding a lacrosse stick that she ends up shoving down his throat.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Jamie beats Sarah just for talking to Darwin, and while it happens offscreen it's implied to be pretty violent by the ice cream on Jamie's face and hand.
    Gumball: Uh, you got a bit of yellow on you. (Jamie wipes her face off.) No, on your hand. (She licks it off) Right, I'll just, uh, g-g-go scrape Sarah off that, uh, general area and take her to the infirmary.
  • Happy Ending Override: It seemed in "The Coach" that Jamie's mom working at Elmore Jr. High at the new coach would force her to reign in her misbehavior. It turns out she's gotten even worse since then, and will even beat people up right in front of her mother.
  • Heel Realization: As Jamie is pursuing Gumball, his panicked shout of "What do you WANT from me?!" leads her to realize that she can't make someone love her, albeit in her own way.
    Jamie: I can't do this. I can't force you to be my boyfriend. That's not how love works.
    Gumball: OK, so you're no—
    Jamie: I'm not done yet!... If you want to be in a relationship, there has to be a mutual bond of trust.
    Gumball: ... OK, so—
    Jamie: There's more! Love is not something you take. It's something you earn.
    (remains silent)
    Jamie: I'm done now!
  • Human Doorstop:
    • Jamie apologizes to Darwin for beating his dad up by taping a bunch of school staff (Mr. Small, Rocky, Mr. Corneille, the first tree librarian, Principal Brown, and Nurse Joan Markham) to the wall, positioning their bodies to spell "sorree".
      Gumball: Sorry-e?
      Principal Brown: Has she gone?
      Gumball: Uh-huh. And if her spelling was better, she could have spared one of you.
    • Jamie also uses Gumball as a living park bench.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Gumball spends the entire episode trying to get Darwin to do something about the latter's situation with Jamie, which he persistently refuses on the grounds that she needs to understand the meaning of love herself. When he finally does so and gets beat up for it due to Jamie already figuring it out by then, Gumball reprimands him for the intervention.
    Gumball: You know dude, all you had to do is keep your mouth shut and say nothing.
  • Imagine Spot: When Jamie declares that Gumball is also her boyfriend, he imagines an Awful Wedded Life where Gumball and Darwin are dressed as housewives and married to her.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Jamie reasons that, since she gave Darwin a box with a perfume bottle in it and then took it out of his hands, Darwin must think she smells bad.
  • Noodle Implements: Jamie makes a lot of threats "involving you, me, [one random object], and [second random object]". She eventually admits she doesn't have anything in mind for them.
    Jamie: I know people imagine way scarier stuff than anything I could think of. So I just took any two words together. You, me, a jug of gravy, and an umbrella. A flame and a French horn. A feather duster and a pack of mini pizzas.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: When Jamie expresses her conclusion that she needs a sweetheart on the school bus, it explodes from everyone running away in fear.
  • Sliding Scale of Comedy and Horror: Jamie's behavior walks the line between funny and terrifying. The climax of the episode is played like a horror movie as she's chasing Gumball and trying to act cute.
  • Troubled Fetal Position: Jamie corners Gumball in the library, and he briefly crawls into a fetal position while sucking his thumb and calling out for Darwin's help.
  • Victory Is Boring: Jamie basically has the run of the school unopposed, yet she seems deeply unsatisfied with herself. She gets very confused when she sees Alan sharing his lunch with Carmen, and he suggests she finds someone to share with.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: Jamie tries to fall in love because Alan told her it could make her happier. Jamie tries this without understanding some basic concepts related to it, like "consent" or "monogamy".

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