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Recap / The Amazing World of Gumball S3E24 "The Man"

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When Granny Jojo brings Louienote , her new boyfriend, to her birthday dinner, Richard freaks out over the relationship and bars his mom from ever seeing him again.


  • Batman Gambit: Gumball tells Louie and Richard to compete in a "man off" to decide if Louie gets to stay, but it's all just to lead up the the finale "event": talking about their feelings, which was what Louie wanted in the first place.
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  • Bedsheet Ladder: The kids make one for Granny Jojo to climb down the window. When it's too short, Granny adds her girdle. And then it turns out they forgot to tie it down.
  • Blame Game: After dropping the rope to get Granny Jojo outside, Gumball blames Anais for forgetting to tie the rope, then Anais blames Darwin, then Darwin blames the thin air next to him, and finally Gumball admits he never told anyone to tie anything.
  • Bowdlerization: Cartoon Network Asia's version:
    • Shortens Granny Jojo and Louie's first kiss (and Richard's disgusted reaction to it).
    • Cuts Gumball's speech about being a man to remove, "A man doesn't need to wash his pants to really stand up by themselves. A man scratches whatever part of his body he likes in public, and shows no shame! A man drinks straight from the milk carton. When he spills some on the floor, he cleans it with his sock", leaving only the line "A man eats meat with his fingers".
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  • Continuity Nod: Two of the DVD's used in the Rube Goldberg device are Alligators on a Train from "The DVD" and How to Ratatwang Your Panda from "The Treasure."
  • Disappeared Dad: Richard's father "went to store to get milk" 42 years agonote  and never came back. While everyone else realizes that Richard's dad abandoned his family, Richard never admitted to himself until this episode, even if he knew it subconsciously.
  • Eskimos Aren't Real: The last part of Richard's alphabet poem to his mother is "Z is for zebra, an amazing mythical creature".
  • Hypocritical Humor: Richard tries to mock Louie for not having a job (which is because he's retired), even though Richard himself has never worked a full day in his life, nor is he supposed to, as that would cause the universe to be destroyed (as seen in "The Job").
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  • I Was Quite a Looker: Inverted when Jojo turns into a walking mess of fat and saggy skin when she takes off her girdle. Anais sadly remarks "I can't believe I'm genetically predestined to wear one someday."
  • Inelegant Blubbering: Richard is reduced to shooting a fountain of tears and spit when he admits that he actually understands his dad didn't leave to get milk, he just ran away.
  • iSophagus: Years ago, Richard accidentally swallowed a guitar while serenading Nicole. In the present, Richard remarks that the doctors couldn't remove one of the strings, and he plays a note by running his finger across his chest.
  • Losing Your Head: After Richard blocks Louie and Jojo's kiss, he wipes the drool on his hand off on Gumball's face. Remarking that his face was ruined, Gumball tears off and discards his own head then instantly grows a new one.
  • Mistaken Age: The kids didn't know how old Granny Jojo really was (63), so they guessed, resulting a cake with so many candles that it resembles a big bonfire.
  • Mundane Solution: After other plans to sneak Granny Jojo outside fail, the kids decide to just sneak past Richard and go out the front door. They're immediately caught in the process.
  • Out-of-Character Alert: Granny Jojo acted nicer around her family by saying Nicole looked average, which was the nicest thing she ever said to her, giving candy to the kids instead of her expired fungal medication, and actually smiling. She reveals that she's dating.
  • Parent with New Paramour: The main plot of the episode, type 2 situation with grandparents. Granny Jojo is dating Louie, but Richard does not approve, believing that his father would eventually come back after 42 years. However, Richard warms up to Louie after expressing his true feelings about his father issues.
  • Rapid Hair Growth: Louie claims that he has to shave 17 times a day, and his nose hair grows into a beard in seconds. Richard tries to do the same, but manages to "only" grow a soul-patch.
  • Rube Goldberg Device: The kids make one to sneak Granny Jojo out of the house, all of which is completely redundant except the last part, a weight that drops onto a lever with Granny Jojo on the other end—which is also the only part that fails, because she's just sent straight up into the ceiling instead of out the window.
  • Shout-Out: In the brief flashback to his and Nicole's youth, Richard's wearing what resembles a Nirvana t-shirt, complete with a flannel over-shirt.
  • Stop Saying That!: Richard tells Louie to stop calling him "son", parodying the use of this trope in Pulp Fiction.
    Richard: Call me 'son' one more time! I dare you! I double-dare you, you mother robber!
  • Testosterone Poisoning: Gumball's organizes a "man off", with such events as cleaning yourself as poorly as possible, growing hair, and cooking meat to be as raw as possible (Richard bites a still-living cow).
  • That Was Not a Dream: Gumball wakes up to Granny Jojo wearing makeup and calmly states it's so horrible it must be a dream. Anais and Darwin come by and explain it isn't, and then Gumball screams.
  • The Exit Is That Way: After grounding each other, Granny Jojo and Richard storm off in opposite directions. Gumball asks when either will realize they weren't headed toward a bedroom.
  • Visual Pun: At the beginning of the episode at Granny Jojo's birthday party, Richard holds up a glass cup and states that he's going to make a toast, but instead makes and eats a piece of actual toast.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: Richard insists he can whistle with only one finger, but instead sticks it down his throat and the scene changes before he actually starts vomiting.
  • Wham Line:
    Richard: What is father gonna say when he comes back?!
    His family and Jojo: (confused) Father?
    Richard: Yeah! You said he left to buy some milk 42 years ago! He could be back any minute!
    (Everyone stares at him in shock)
  • You Are Grounded: Richard grounds Jojo, citing that he can while she's under his roof. Jojo, being his mother, also grounds him.


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