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Recap / The Amazing World of Gumball S3E16 "The Allergy"

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Lately, Darwin has been having very violent sneezing fits that seem to coincide with people saying or doing something stupid. When legitimate medicine and the holistic approach don't cut it, Darwin decides to move out to the desert to keep from being a danger to himself and others.


  • Bait-and-Switch Comment:
    Teri: So the symptoms are a weird, empty sensation in my stomach; the feeling of light-headedness; and unusual amount of saliva in my mouth when I think of food. I checked on the internet, and apparently it might be something called the G-Virus, which can only be cured by cutting off the infected part or the removal of the brain.
    Joan: Hmm. I'm gonna prescribe two weeks off, and a couple of heavy sedatives a day for six weeks.
    Teri: Ah, thank you.
    Joan: No, that's for me. What you just described is called being hungry. Now for the last time, please get out of my office so I can curl up under my desk and revise my career choices.
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  • Bus Full of Innocents: Darwin is about to sneeze at a baby, so Gumball points him a truck... but the truck has a baby panda in it ("Go for the panda! They've given up on life anyway!"), so he instead sneezes into a hole in a fence—blowing up a kitten orphanage on the other side (somehow harming none of its residents).
  • Camera Abuse: Darwin's sneeze at the end breaks the TV screen.
  • Continuity Nod: Gumball thought Darwin's sneezing was caused by worms, and recommends he get rid of them by whistling until they came out his rear end—the same thing Anais told them to do in "The Flakers" when she pretended to have fed them worm eggs.
  • Human Pincushion: Mr. Small's attempt at acupuncture results in Darwin covered in needles and foaming at the mouth. He still sneezes, sending the needles into Gumball and Mr. Small. Gumball deflates like a balloon, says he could "smell dancing and taste purple", while Mr. Small babbles in another language before passing out.
    Gumball: Well, on a pain scale of 1 to 10, this looks like it would score at least a... "Somebody please finish me off, every second of my tragic existence is pure agony."
    Mr. Small: Don't worry, acupuncture is completely painless.
    Darwin: He's right. I can't feel pain—or anything from the neck down.
    Mr. Small: Yeah, I couldn't remember the exact energy points I needed to strike, so... better safe than sorry!
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  • Instantly Proven Wrong: Mr. Small drops his "unbreakable" crystal, it breaks in half, and he then claims to have two "unbreakable crystals".
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Darwin's sneeze propels the family car backward into Marvin, knocking him offscreen but leaving his hat behind. Marvin can be heard saying "That hurt.", as if slightly inconvenienced.
  • 1-Dimensional Thinking: Parodied when a truck falls over and into an alley that the kids all run into:
    Gumball: Quick! Let's run away as fast as we can in a straight line!
    Anais: I don't know what was more stupid—the fact that that was your solution or that we chose to follow you.
    (Darwin begins sneezing)
    Gumball: I think it was more stupid that you pointed it out.
  • Plot Allergy: Darwin is assumed to be allergic to stupidity. In actuality, he had a feather stuck in his gills.
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  • Preemptive "Shut Up": Darwin sneezes once right before Gumball can give an idea because he knows it will be a bad one. Gumball also stops Banana Joe before he can say anything at all, but unfortunately triggers another sneeze by mentioning the "Specific Ocean".
  • Recoil Boost: After his sneezes keep blowing them back whenever they try to move forward, Anais tries pointing Darwin in the other direction and it more or less works. Gumball then points him down in hopes of getting blown all the way out of town. The results were... not as good.
  • Sneeze of Doom: Darwin's sneezes become more and more powerful. At first he just knocks people over, but by the end he's knocking whole blocks full of cars and people hundreds of feet into the air and people to the other side of the world.
  • Talking Is a Free Action: Parodied when Nicole speaks her complicated plan to get the boys to the bus on time in her mind. By the time she's finished, Darwin and Gumball are already on the bus.
    Anais: I think you lost them at "throw them through the window".
  • Variable Terminal Velocity: One of Darwin's sneezes knocks himself, Gumball, Anais, and a bunch of objects up in the air at once (without even changing their position relative to each other), yet the kids drop immediately and everything else comes down on them after they land.


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