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Recap / The Adventures Of Puss In Boots S 06 E 12 And Having Writ Moves On

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Great Mage Sino has returned and he has a long shot idea on what to do about the collapse of the world, but he needs a powerful artifact known as the Arcanum that he sealed away and entrusted with the Tulpa White. Unfortunately, fearing the power of the Arcanum, Sino wiped his own memory of it and does not know where it is, but assumes he would have hidden it in San Lorenzo.

After a false lead, Dulcinea has a vision that indicates the Arcanum is a part of the Obelisk of Night. Sino warns the two that if they approach the Arcanum, the third Tulpa will appear to protect it, and Sino cannot fight it.

Sure enough, as the Arcanum is revealed, it fires a beam of light upon Dulcinea, changing her outfit into a warrior's outfit and awakening her as the third Tulpa. She begins her attack and Sino provides Puss with a magic sword to defend himself with. Although Puss is able to overpower her, he is unable to finish off Dulcinea which allows her to finish him off instead. Dulcinea is freed from her control just in time to watch Puss die. She begs Sino to do something, but even with the Arcanum, Sino cannot revive the dead.

Dulcinea: Good-bye Puss... I love you.

Dulcinea gives Puss a kiss goodbye, and through the power of love, Puss is revived. Dulcinea realizes her purpose as a Tulpa has been fulfilled, and wonders if she will now cease to exist like the other two.


Sino: No. You are not like the others, Dulcinea. You are not just a tool, you are a real living being with your own destiny. A destiny which is not yet fulfilled. But you, Puss... I am afraid you must go.

Before Sino can elaborate on this, the world begins to collapse. Without a second to spare, Sino uses the Aracnum to conjure a barrier around San Lorenzo, and with it, protects the town from the explosion of the planet. Everything but San Lorenzo is gone. Sino explains what must be done to save the world, but the price will be hefty. Puss' power and the magic of San Lorenzo cannot coexist. There is no timeline where Puss can live in San Lorenzo that won't lead to the end of the world, and therefore Puss must travel back in time and stop himself from ever entering San Lorenzo in the first place.


Puss: I understand the sacrifice I must make. But I ask you one favor, Great Sino.
Sino: Speak, Puss.
Puss: Please, allow me to keep my memories of my time in San Lorenzo.
Sino: Yes, a wise choice, Puss. Because of your time in San Lorenzo you will be a better hero. You will be the hero the world needs.

Puss takes a moment to say goodbye to his friends in San Lorenzo and Sino begins to perform the spell that will send Puss in Boots back in time.

Puss: The world will be a cold and lonely place without you in my life, Dulcinea, but at least there will be a world. You must go on without me.
Dulcinea: I don't know if I can
Puss: You can. You can, and you must. I love you.

Puss vanishes and Sino explains soon one by one everyone will fade away as they return to the moment in time Puss was sent to. Dulcinea asks Sino for a favor...

Back at the beginning, Puss arrives just before he is about to enter the barrier to San Lorenzo. Puss sticks his hand through the barrier, thinks about his friends in San Lorenzo, and then leaves San Lorenzo forever. At the thieves market, Puss drowns his sorrows in leche.

Puss: (sighs) this is good leche, Pajuna.
Raul: Who is Pajuna?
Dulcinea: It's Raul, Puss. His name is Raul.

Puss turns around in shock to find Dulcinea in her warrior outfit standing behind him

Dulcinea: Are you ready for adventure?

The two lovers ride off into the sunset, endless adventure awaiting them.


  • And the Adventure Continues: Dulcinea chooses to go back in time with Puss, and the two set out for a life of adventure.
  • Apocalypse How: Planetary annihilation. It is only through Sino's power that San Lorenzo survives.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Puss and Dulcinea finally have an on the lips kiss, which also manages to revive Puss from the dead.
    Puss: Now, that... was a first kiss to remember.
  • Book-Ends: The show starts and ends with Puss drinking a leche at the Thieves Market where he meets Dulcinea and follows her into a life of adventure.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: When she awakens as White, Dulcinea is forced to fulfill her purpose in protecting the Arcanum.
  • But Now I Must Go:
    • Having fulfilled her purpose as Green by restoring Sino, Cleevil returns to the beyond to join Orange.
    • With Orange and Green having done so, Dulcinea wonders if fulfiling her purpose as White means she has to leave too, but Sino explains she was made special and free to choose her own fate.
    • In order to prevent the end of the world, Puss doesn't just have to leave San Lorenzo, he has to never come to it in the first place.
  • Compound Title: With the previous episode: "The moving finger writes and, having writ, moves on."
  • Delayed Ripple Effect: After Puss is sent back in time, Dulcinea wonders what happens next and Sino explains eventually they'll all fade away and merge with the new timeline that will be created.
  • Deus Exit Machina: Although Sino is an all powerful mage, because White is made from Sino's life force, Sino is unable to fight it, forcing Puss to instead.
  • Doomed by Canon: A Reset Button Ending seems like a handy way to make the show fit in with the chronology of the other works in the franchise, but due to you expecting that, it pulls something of a Twist Ending by letting Dulcinea come along, too.
  • Easily Forgiven: Knowing Dulcinea wasn't in control of her actions as White, Puss dismisses Dulcinea's "I'm sorry I killed you" with an extremely nonchalant "Meh, no big".
  • Fanfic Fuel: The events of the entire show have been wiped from continuity, meaning some stuff obviously won't happen, but others will. For example: Puss and Dulcinea can still (and, knowing Dulcinea, they will) interact with the Golem at some point in the new timeline.
  • Grand Finale
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Puss attempts to invoke this when he assumes the Arcanum is the Eye of Sino, but is incorrect.
    Sino: Nope. It is not the Arcanum. But thanks for defacing my statue, nice.
    Puss: Darn it. But you must admit that would have been pretty satisfying. I mean, we are looking for a magic item and here is one that has been here all along!
  • Literal Split Personality: Fearing the evil thoughts that were growing within him as a result of owning the Arcanum, Sino not only sealed away the Arcanum, but split himself in half and imprisoned his dark half.
  • Mental Time Travel: Sino uses this to send Puss back in time so he can avoid entering San Lorenzo.
  • No Man Should Have This Power: Sino used a mighty artifact called the Arcanum to defeat the Bloodwolf and banish him to the Netherworld. Afterward he felt tempted to use the power of the Arcanum to change the world, and decided that it needed to be sealed away, and he needed to seal away his dark half to further prevent himself from using the Arcanum for evil.
  • The Power of Love: Allows Dulcinea to overcome her Tulpa programming and raise Puss from the dead.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Puss and Dulcinea finally admit that they love each other. When Puss has to leave everyone by going back in time, Dulcinea goes back in time with him so the two can remain together.
  • Reset Button Ending: There is no way to prevent the end of the world other than to prevent it from happening in the first place, which on the cosmic scale apparently means resetting the events of the entire show.
  • The Reveal:
    • San Lorenzo was not built and veiled primarily as a safe haven for orphans, it was built explicitly to hide the Obelisk of Night and the Arcanum as a means to protect the world from the return of the Bloodwolf.
    • Dulcinea is a Tulpa.
  • Secret Keeper: While Orange is made to be an attendant for the Realm of Shades, Green and White are made to be secret keepers; Green is entrusted with the knowledge of how to bring Sino back if needed, and White is entrusted with protecting the Arcanum, and the only one who knows where it's hidden.
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift: Awakening as White changes Dulcinea's dress to a warrior armor, notably the only alternate outfit she's worn outside of the non-canon CYOA Special. She retains this outfit afterward showing she's ready to join Puss in a life of adventure.
  • Stealth Pun: Sino puts his Literal Split Personality in simple terms by explaining that everyone has a Yes and a No. Put that in Spanish as most names are in this show and that means Sino split himself into Si and No.
  • Sword Beam: White's sword can fire bursts of energy. To help Puss, Sino conjures him a magical sword that can do the same thing.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: As it turns out, besides breaking the barrier to San Lorenzo, Puss's very existence in the town will always cause the end of the world.

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