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The Adventure Zone: Balance

The main campaign of The Adventure Zone, run by DM Griffin; it chronicles the adventures of Magnus, Taako and Merle as they work with the Bureau of Balance to hunt down the Grand Relics. Each arc is divided into numbered chapters, often followed by a Lunar Interlude.

There are also episodes recorded at conventions or for Max Fun Drive donors, that don't fit into the standard arcs.


The Hogsbottom Three

A series of one-shot adventures run by the hosts of The Flop House, set in the same world as the Balance Arc but separate from its story (though nods to it are made in the Balance Arc).


The Adventure Zone: (K)Nights

A set of one-shot adventures set in a "steampunk" alternate universe to the Balance Arc, DM'd by Travis, and only available to donors to the MaxFunDrive donor drive.

Alternative Title(s): The Adventure Zone Balance


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