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Recap / The A Team S 4 E 17 Waiting For Insane Wayne

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While the A-Team is making a stop for food, the men of local rancher J.J. Kincaid mistake them for Insane Wayne and his team of mercenaries. They play along with it long enough to get the background on the situation — Kincaid wants to hire them to kill a local veteran, William Sherman, and his son Bobby, so that he can get his hands on the oil well they discovered. The team promptly takes the job of helping Bobby fend off the aggressors.


This episode includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Carnival of Killers: Insane Wayne and his team (Fat Rat, Tully, and Three-Finger Harry), a team of mercenaries-for-hire who the team briefly impersonates then ends up fighting.
  • Domestic Abuse: Bobby's girlfriend Julie is stepdaughter to Kincaid, who she accuses of abusing her mother. She thinks he only married her for her farm. We find out later that he had her on drugs as well. Fortunately, he gets sent to prison for 20 years at the end of the episode.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The mercenary Insane Wayne. Upon hearing that his target is already dead and the target's teenage son is the new target he initially refuses to take the job, and only changes his mind when he learns the A-Team is involved.
    Wayne: A 15-year old kid? I'm sorry, chief. Me and my men don't raid nurseries.
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  • Mistaken Identity: Kincaid's men mistake the team for Insane Wayne and his men. The team plays along with it long enough to get into Kincaid's house and get the $100,000 he'd offered Wayne's team up front.
  • Riding into the Sunset: A more mechanical variant; after keeping Kincaid from running Bobby off his father's land, the A-Team drive away with the sunset in the background.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Bobby is in love with Julie, Kincaid's stepdaughter. They had been involved more or less since sixth grade, but it got more difficult for them to see one another after Julie's mother married Kincaid, who keeps Julie locked up at the house. It doesn't prevent Bobby from trying.
  • You Killed My Father: Bobby is understandably angry at Kincaid about one of his men killing his father. Even when Kincaid tries to buy him out with roughly $100,000, he refuses, with this as the reason.